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Stephenie Meyer: The Twilight Series! (2 Viewers)

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Has anyone ever heard of Stephenie Meyer's series: Twilight? It has the book Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. I love her work! It's so fasinating how someone can have such a great series. I'm currently reading New Moon, but I can't wait for Eclipse to come out. Oh and by the way, I'm new here so please don't shun me.[-o<8-[


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I loved Twilight! I was so addicted to it that I read it until I feel asleep at 3 am or something. Then the next day I was reading it throughout school; I finished it during second bell =] But I didn't know there were even more coming out! Yess, can't wait.

Other series I am waiting for are Bloody Jack (the best bloody series ever!! By L.A. Meyer) and the Great and Terrible Beauty series. I highly, highly recommend the Bloody Jack series. When I first read it, I was skeptical about it since it didn't sound that intersting, but it ended up being absolutely brilliant! There's 4 books out currently, with the 5th and 6th to be published soon. The books get consecutively larger.

Goodness, I've been rambling all this time and still haven't even told you what Bloody Jack is about have I? Well... it is about a beggar girl who pretends to be a boy so she can work on a ship. It's set in 1800s in England, though she manages to find herself in some rather peculiar places later on. L.A. Meyer's writing is geniusly executed though; the voice of the character just draws you in! The first couple chapters of the first book will just be okay, if not good, but then it will be the best book you ever read!

But anyways... I haven't had a chance to read New Moon yet. grr. I hope its as good as Twilight, because New Moon is more about werewolves than vampires. But Meyer is such a good author- I believe she'll pull it off. I have a huge fascination of vampires though, so I always love vampire stories.
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invisible ink

I love twilight! It's one of the best books I think I've ever read, I'm so glad its fame is spreading!! Eclipse comes out on August 07, I cant wait!


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Oh my gosh, I love those books!!! I don't know if this happened to you guys, but when I read them I lost my appetite and found that my heart was fluttering all the time for no reason. I always felt anxious. It's been a couple weeks since I read them, so the feelings have basically gone away, but I saw New Moon in a book store the other day and it had the first chapter of Eclipse in the back of it, and all I had to do was read it and those feelings came back immediately! It was crazy! But yes, I am eagerly counting down the days until Eclipse comes out! I'm especially looking forward to the release of (it's either Midnight Sun or Breaking Dawn, not sure which) because it's supposed to be Edward's version of Twilight. I thought that would be pretty cool!


I was about to post this myself, I am so glad other people have been talking about it!

I love reading, and I love a lot of books, but it is rare that I find a book or series that I want to read a thousand times and more!! I cried through most of the second one, and I'm DYING to read Eclipse. When will the first one from Edward's side be coming out? I think I probably danced around my bedroom like a maniac when I found out that there would be books from Edward's side of the story.

The most amazing part to me is how much and my mother adored this series, and the fact that Twilight was Stephanie Meyer's first book!! When I worked at the bookstore for a while, I often recommended this series to people I was helping. People my age (23), younger, moms. I usually got it sold too! I was working very hard to make it more well known cause I wanted more people to talk to about it cause I loved it that much. I'm about ready to read New Moon again. Maybe I won't cry through it like last time. (As much...)


sanctuary said:
I love those books too, and I cant wait for the next one to come out!

I was raving about them to my boyfriend last night. He was just like...okaaaaay. Sure.

p.s. Fruits Basket is awsome.


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I've heard many great things about Twilight and the other novels in the series.

I used to work for a large bookstore chain, and let me tell you, I definitely sold a LOT of that book!

I'll be honest and say that the thought of purchasing it has crossed my mind more than once.

Can one of you loyal fans tell me about what happens in Twilight? I've read the short blurb on amazon.com and various other book selling sites, but I have yet to read a plot description that reallt tells me what the novel's about.

Thanks guys!!



You'd be surprised to know how many first time authors make it onto the best-seller list! It's not the rareity most book agencies would have you believe, lol! My two favorite authors each hit the best seller list with their first novel : )


Well darn the book agencies that make me think it's so rare!! lol

Hmm...how to explain without telling you anything in particular? I think she doesn't say much about it on the cover for a reason. But basically there is Bella. Ordinary girl, ordinary life. (Isn't that how it always starts?) She lives in a boring little town where the sun rarely shines, with her dad. (who is completely awkward around her all the time.) As she starts school at a new high school, she notices a small group of people always apart from the rest of her classmates, and one in particular that glares at her a lot, and then disappears from classes for a few days.

There are death threats involved, love, danger, and oh man do I love the way Stephanie Meyer writes her vampires. Even my mother wishes Edward was real. Sorry, I suck at these explanations. I can't decide what is safe to say without telling you the whole thing, cause it'd be so easy for me to do. If you get around to reading it though, you should pay close attention to the way she words things. Like when Bella goes to the new school and she's nervous and she finally says, "It's not like anyone is going to bite me." Or this amusing conversation she says about breakfast. Something about making her own breakfast then, "Watch me hunt." Okay...I rambled and it's not helping you at all. Sorry!!
I recently read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and I loved it! I couldn't stop reading it, and ended up staying up around 1:00AM reading it! Yes, it is good. But it isn't my favorite romance series (I'm sure you can guess what that one would be? Eh?) ^_~ I'm currently waiting for the next installment in Elizabeth Haydon's SOA (Symphony of Ages) series, of her War of the Known World trilogy. As well as The Dragon's Lair (The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme by Elizabeth Haydon) and Ranger's Apprentice: The Icebound Land by John Flanagan for it come arrive in paperback. I loved the Twilight book, and looking forward for New Moon to come out in paperback for me to rush out and snag it! I also love the Green Rider books by Kristian Britian, and I'm currently waiting for her newiest book (The High King's Tomb) to arrive in stores. X\'D
Theres a forum for any Twilight fans to rush over. They have a ton of discussions up, and you can find nice desktop wallpaper's there too:
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Oh my I love Twilight! I am counting down the days until Eclipse is released.

Stephanie has such a talent for taking something so supernatural and turning it into something breath taking and believable. The bond between Bella and Edward is fantastic and something I am sure many long to obtain.

Her other short story in the book Prom Nights From Hell was written in a different third person point of view which I loved even more.

While writing my book I always keep in mind the struggle of characters. To love? Or not to love? It is such a simple problem but when it is binded with blood, in Bella's case, it is even more interesting.

If you loved Twilight and New Moon here are two books for you:

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz.

Love them both.


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Yes, I enjoyed the Twilight and New Moon. I'm planning on getting Eclipse when it comes out August 7th. I already have it reserved at the bookstore I go to. I cannot wait to read it.

Though I did go backwards, since I read New Moon before I read Twilight, but I still enjoyed each one and couldn't put them down when reading them. I kept reading them during class, especially during chemistry.

Anyway, yes, I enjoyed them and have read them. I hope to read her next book and I hope to enjoy it like I have her other books.


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yeh, I don't know how she does it but I just finished new moon, and I've put eclipse on request in all my libraries! I feel like I do when I'm on caffeine withdrawal now, I just cant wait to get my hands on that book. that woman can work magic with words :D


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I don't mean to be snide or anything, but...do you have to be a girl to enjoy this piece of shit? I read 3/4 of the first book before deciding it sucked. For one, most of it makes no sense.

Beginning: "I'm an awkward girl, I'm not athletic, no one at my old school paid attention to me."

Few pages later: "Every boy at my new school wants to shove his dick in me."

Beginning of emo boy: "He's so hawt and mean but he won't talk to me. ;-;"

Few pages later: "We're like totally hanging out and stuff and I want to blow him."

So, Vamp/Emo boy, why do you like this girl: "She's dif lol. I can't read her thoughts lol."

Anyways, my girl comment had to do with...well, do girls identify with this character? It's not that the writer's style is bad, the prose works fine, but the characters are so dull, the plotline so asinine, that I was trying to figure out how in the hell this book topped the New York Times bestsellers list. Anyways, to each their own. The book's still crap.

P.S. -- For fans who take critcisms too seriously, just remember this is my opinion. If you like the book, continue to like it.


I love The Twilight Series! When I first read Twilight, I got addicted. I couldn't stop reading, it was so interesting! My mother used to always get mad when I would stay up way past my 'bed time'. I would stay up 'till about 3 in the morning reading, and then still go to school the next day. lol. I actually never thought I would be so hooked on a book! Although I love the series, I didn't find the second and third book as great as the first.


Haha, it's mostly found that no sequals rival the first, but Stephenie Meyer makes it a close call!

I've heard lots of people absolutely slate Stephenie Meyer for the series (one comment that stuck in my mind was something of how Stephenie Meyer is trying to make it into a romance that it's not, and that it's completely fake the way they fall for eachother and the name Isabella Marie Swan just proves that Stephenie Meyer is trying too hard to make it sugar sweet. Just basic comments like that) But I don't agree really, an author can write what they like. It's up to the reader to like or hate it for themselves, everyone has personal opinions, and it isn't anyone elses business to slate you for your preferences, or indeed slate the preference. I am seriously passionate about this, as you might be able to tell. But anyway, back to the book.

This series brings back so many memories and feelings when I re-read it (the last time I did a few weeks ago actually made me a tad depressed) and I CANNOT wait for the next ones to come out.
Midsummer Sun is Twlight from Edwards perspectve, Breaking Dawn is the sequel to Eclipse. You can read the first chapter of Midsummer Sun on Stephenie Meyers website (stepheniemeyer.com funnily enough) and it has just completely got me wanting more.
I hope that the movie does it justice (not like the movie Blood and Chocolate - I seriously loath it.)


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I'm sad to say that I tried reading Twilight and well... no. I felt as though I'd read it all before. Its not badly written and I could see why it may be engrossing for some, but nothing felt original about it, there was no fresh slant or perspective on a story that personally I feel has been done before, and better.

I did finish the book but I didn't enjoy it. I do sometimes have a hard time embracing... fantasy, but I don't have a predisposition against it. I love Neil Gaiman's work, I love Buffy, so that genre isn't what turns me off - it's when books in the genre fail to challenge it.


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Around where I live, the only people who've read the series are female.

And then there's me. I absolutely loved the series. I can't even really explain why, because I don't tend to like 'romances' or stories like that. I don't know, I just found the characters' personalities incredibly easy to relate too. I've read them so many times, it's almost ridiculous.

At the risk of sounding like a fangirl...or fanboy I guess, it's probably my favorite book/series at the moment.

I love Twilight! Though I only know one other person who has read it - everyone else is like Twilight? Isn't that the time of day?

It's not so popular here in Australia, I don't think.

Ilasir Maroa

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Bryndavis- Technically, the series belongs more in the Horror genre than in Fantasy. personally, I couldn't get through more than a few chapters of the first book. It was just a bit cheesy, and like bryn said, I found little originality in it. Just another human-vampire romance.