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Stephen King? (1 Viewer)


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Im planning to buy a Stephen King novel for the first time which do you think is the best?

Just looking for reccomendations people....[-o< please


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Oh boy...

Here's some great ones: Pet Cemetary, Fire Starter, Cujo, The Tommyknockers and The Shining.

I'm currently reading Cell and its phenominal!

If your into series, i'd pick up the Dark Tower, they're pretty good as well.


If you don't want to commit to some of his longer ones, try for something like the Long Walk. I also like his stuff as Richard Bachman like the Regulators. Cell was also a very good book too though...


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I agree with Emmett - Misery is a great one to start with. SK has written some amazing books, and also some god-awful ones. I guess it depends on your personal preferances. One of my recent favourites of his was 'bag of bones', but it is quite long, and maybe not the best one to start with.


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thanx ^_^ ill get to the nearest BORDERS sometime soon!

Probly between

Cell, misery and the shining

Anne Lacey

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Desperation was my favorite so far. I would say also if you're in for the long haul, get an unabridged copy of "The Stand." Good reading there.


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Just be ready, the Stand is over 1,000 pages long.

I finished Cell earlier this evening. Great read! A great modern doomsday story.


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Omni said:
Just be ready, the Stand is over 1,000 pages long.

I finished Cell earlier this evening. Great read! A great modern doomsday story.

Ill refrain for that until my brain stopps hurtin with so mmany pages



So far I have only read FireStarter and The Running Man as Richard Bachman. I would highly recommend both.

However I am also on the 5th book of the Dark Tower Series and am totally hooked, the main character Roland is as deep as good a character I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I would recommend the Dark Tower Series to anyone...

Rhino8 ;-)

Fantasy of You

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haha bag of bones was a great book:p its one of the shortest books ive read though... its the only sk iv read because i prefer the books by wilbur smith.. to me his writing is my real :p dont linch my sk fans


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The Stand is considered his magnum opus, but I think the best piece of writing he has ever done is a novella called The Mist. It's the first story in the collection Skeleton Crew.

A bunch of people are inside a supermarket when a strange mist descends on the area, concealing bizarre and hostile creatures. Trapped inside the supermarket, people are becoming more and more freaked out as the days go by, and are starting to turn on each other.

It was not only King's best, it was one of the best pieces of fiction I ever read.


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Many consider The Stand one of the great books EVER written. I however have yet to read it. Too many pages. Oof.


I would recommend his short stories, which are some of the best stuff I've ever read..

Skeleton Crew, which has "The Mist" in it


Night Shift

If you are into fantasy/Horror he co-wrote a book with Peter Straub called

The Talisman. It is not only one of the best books King has written, but it is

among one of my favorite books.


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The Stand is too drawn out. The first third is brilliant. The next two could have been condensed into one.

His short stories ARE good. I particularly like "The Moving Finger," but there are others as well. "Dolan's Cadillac" is a cool revenge story, and there's one he did I can't remember the name of where a dying man calls for help on the phone and ends up calling himself a decade earlier.

I think his best novel is either The Tommyknockers or Misery, although I haven't read them all yet.