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Stephen King..... The Colorado Kid (1 Viewer)


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I'm real big on Raymond Chandler, and I've enjoyed many by King years ago. I see a paperback in the store from the "Hardcase Series" and it looks a lot like an old Chandler detective novel. Apparently the series is from contemporary authors writing an older style mystery novel, so I picked up this one by King titled "The Colorado Kid".
It is certainly a departure from typical King, but he is one of the best at characters you can identify with and I consider it worth reading though it is not very lengthy......a short evening will get it done but nonetheless worth reading........ Keith


What other Stephen King novels would you say compare with The Colorado Kid?


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bluemouth12 said:
What other Stephen King novels would you say compare with The Colorado Kid?

I don't think there is one that compares.

The Colorado Kid is an incredible read. I read it in a few hours and loved it. But the ending pissed me off. Still loved it though.