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Stephen King Favorites (1 Viewer)


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Just as the title says: what are your personal Stephen King favorites? why?

Mine would be a few:

The Gunslinger*
The Drawing of the Three*
Rose Madder
Bag of Bones
The Talisman

*(To be honest, I have not completed the Dark Tower series and really don't plan on it anytime soon...but the first two books were fantastic)


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Seeing the characters struggle and triumph with their personal demons, as well as with the supernatural forces in the story, really pulled me in. Giving Bill a stutter endeared him to me and I shared in his frustration. And Pennywise, well... 'nuff said.



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Oh that is an evil question! it's just soooo hard!
if i had to answer i'd say,
The Dark Half (George Stark is a great character)
It(Pennywise is the best fictional character i have ever read about. nuff said.)


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The Shining - Guess it's an obvious choice, but it's one of the few novels that have been able to convey eerieness so effectively.

Everything's Eventual - This collection of short stories really shows off the versatility of King. King is also the best American short story writer alive, despite the fact that most people only pay attention to his novels.

Eye of the Dragon - I would rather read King write fantasy than any Harry Potter book. A nice introduction to Flagg as well.

Adjective Ocean

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Tommyknockers? Yeesh my least favorate and the only book I've never finished (that's just me though, you're certainly entitled to your opinion). I've read 5 of the Dark Tower books and liked them all. I liked It and From a Buick 8. I'm currently reading Bago of Bones which is pretty good (I'm nearing the end).
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The Shinning. Just creepy as hell, was quite the ride to see
Jack Torrance's mind get eaten away by the evil of the hotel.
Christine, liked the way this badly abused teen turns into something he's always hated.
Carrie. I got to admit, being in Carrie's shoes in high school (no pigs blood on me though :) I felt a little satisfaction when she took revenge on her tormentors


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Carrie, though I've never read it. Great psychological thrill.
The Dark Tower Series. Took me a month to read this, folks, but goddamn was it worth it, I cried at the end...
Cujo- I can't even describe the genius of this.
The Long Walk- this was a study of sadness, truly heartwrenching.
The girl Who Loved tom gordon didn't do t for me.
It- Pennywise is my grandpa.

A note- Wizard and Glass of the dark tower series is a great love story.

Lisey's Story blew my mind.
I liked insomnia.
Gerald's Game and Dolores Clairborne- one of my favorite sets of all time.
Dreamcatcher- virgin of the book, but the movie was one of his few decent films.

And....the green mile.

thats it.
say thankya.


Lisey's Story blew my mind.
I was just about to start on that one. ;) I've been saving it for after my exams from school.

Well, my vote goes to It and it is not related to the fact that I am terrified of clowns.

Chris Stevenson

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The Bachman books just totally blew me away.

I liked The Stand okay, I guess. Not enough about flag and kind of a slow middle. Of course that was the 1,100 page version. I loved the last 150 pages most of all.



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Colorado Kid
On Writing

I am about to read Lisey's Story and I am thinking about buying the new Bachman book


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Lisey's is a good choice. I've never read coloroado kid, but I saw it in a bookstore. Now, I can't find it anywhere. Was it good, mate?


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It was good... but not really a typical King story... it is a frustrating mystery though.