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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself.

My name is Ross, I'm 24 and I hail from Cork in Southern Ireland.
I found this forum via a copywrite related article. Regrettably, and in some ways ironically, the level of procrastination and debauchery that has plagued my existence has become uncanny since the beginning of this lockdown. I often entertained the thought that this is merely due to the great mismanagement of our government in regards to Covid restrictions, and nothing to do with my own hedonism. I've come to the realization that this is the perfect opportunity to self-endorse by channeling my energy into something new, something that stimulates me both intellectually and creatively.

I never really took the time to explore writing as a hobby, although certainly enjoyed it as subject. Needless to say, I figured the best way to immerse myself in the field and find that flow is to join the forum.


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Welcome Ross... I get what you are sayin', I get up every day and spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I can let slide until tomorrow...I seem to have lost my momentum...;) Glad you are here, don't be shy, jump in and stop procrastinating....find something to do! hahaaa, you will feel better...

What do you like to write?


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Hi Rossy!
We Irish have the gift for gab and story telling, so writing is our element. I've been to Cork several times - supposedly my 'Barrett' line comes from there (they're a sketchy lot), but I do know that my mother's Taggart line immigrated from Tralee in Co. Kerry. I've actually spent quite a bit of time in your country and love it. About 25 years ago I studied the Irish language up at Oideas Gael in Donegal (I've forgotten everything though).

Anyway, welcome - this is a good place and everyone here is glad to have you.
Greetings good sir! It is always good to have new members to pick their brains ... welcome and there are some very gifted people here, kind enough to lend you their wisdom.