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you start by learning the basics of the craft of screenwriting... this is the most specialized of all the writing arts, so you really do need to study how it's done, before just starting to write scenes...

i'll be glad to send you a 'tools of the trade' list and some tips on the basics, if you email me 'at home'...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]

ps: keep in mind that for most, it takes years of learning and practice, and writing 7-9 scripts before one gets good enough at it to have a chance of selling anything...

C. William Russette

Senior Member
Seven to Nine scripts?

As a comic book writer (and novelist) I really don't see much of a difference between screenplay format and comic script format. Basically it's a matter of learning the new terminology and a slightly different.

Course, I've never written a screenplay. I do intend to adapt my novel and a few comic ideas into screenplays though.

I saw at your site, Maia, that you don't help with violent works. Sadly, I'm a horror and action guy. C'est la vie.


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what a bummer, c.will!... i'd have enjoyed helping a comic book writer turn screenwriter...

as to the differences, there are quite a few, but the poster here isn't a comic book writer, as far as i know, so my advice was to a complete novice, which he claims to be...

being a novelist [or writer of comics] however, doesn't prepare anyone for writing for film, sorry to say... other than the fact that one should be a good writer, period, before attempting to write screenplays... it's like saying i can walk pretty well, so i should be able to dance the lead in a major ballet...

the 7-9 reference is to the average number of scripts written by writers before making their first sale...

keep me in mind if you ever want to write a non-violent comic/screenplay, ok?...

love and hugs, maia

ps: is that post by 'sub' of a comic book script in proper format?... m

C. William Russette

Senior Member
ps: is that post by 'sub' of a comic book script in proper format?... m[/quote]

Unlike screenplay writing, there really isn't an industry standard. The publisher Dark Horse is the most often referred to as an example though. Excluding that there is more than one way to script a comic like the Marvel Way and Full Script. It would take some time to properly explain.

Is 'Sub' using a proper format? To my thinking, he's close. Any dialogue should be in all CAPS for one thing. He is giving a lot of leeway to the artist with the slight panel descriptions and there's a lot simple terminology that maybe he isn't aware of or has simply chosen not to use for whatever reasons.

Like in screenplays, knowing what INT, EXT and O.S. all mean, in comics there are terms like a BLED Panel, Half Page Splash or how to establish someone who isn't visible, is talking.


I'm not getting paid to doctor the script here nor would he appreciate some joe - schmoe digging in so I better stop. My semi - prof opinion is it could be tighter, I'll say.

I didn't read the entire thing, either.