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Anger. Lies. Violence. War. Hate. Hurt. And pain. These are what make a man an abuser, a hunter, and evil to his home, his loved ones, and himself.

Love. Respect. Kindness. Understanding. Beauty. Freedom. And trust. These are the things that man knows of but cannot reach till he sees past himself with selfless love.

Before anything, before space and time, these ideas formed in a God. A King of All. He had two sons and created a woman for his sons. They were the King of the Sun, the King of the Stars, and the Mother of the land.

When the first King got old and couldn’t control as well as he once had he gave his first son, the King of the Sun, control of galactic movements. With this power he told his son,”You must work with your brother or the consequences could be dire.” The first son understood the difference between two men.

The second son, the King of the Stars, did not like working under his brother’s rule. He saw imperfection in the way he gave out Galaxies and how he let a woman decide worlds’ life. He did not like letting man decide their own destiny and enjoy or try to understand his art.

As time flowed and the King of the Star’s anger grew he decided to stand and overthrow his brother. The Star brother wanted to start a great war but as he created an army of Starchildren the older brother saw, and surrendered without a fight.

This only angered the Star King and he murdered his brother, taking what he thought was his rightful place as King of All. He demanded that the woman, who had now named herself Terra to be his wife and queen. He demanded that man be worshiping him.

And for a time she obeyed, but when he became unpleased with his worshipers he demanded that she destroy them. Terra, loath to do it, did as he commanded and destroyed world after world, but one. When at last the Star King seemed pleased, she fled.

She protected and hid this world far from the King and his children. She remained there and bred with men on her protected planet in hopes that one day her children would convince the Star King he was wrong.

Her children grew within the new galaxy each gifted with abilities that were passed down to their children. And as time moved, her decedents went to her protected planet secretly helping man and waiting for the chosen few who would meet a starchild.

Each Starchild and Terra descendent was taught this legend. Each knew one day things would change. But each did not know that that time was arriving.

My name is Terra. Terra Firma. And this…Well this is my story.
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I like ! It's quite mythical which is good. It also reminds me a lot of a skull found in south america which they believe is an alien/human hybrid. They named it starchild. So it kind of mixes with this.

I want to see more! :D

EDIT: it appears they still believe its a hybrid. DNA tests last year confirmed is half human and half something else which hasn't been documented yet. exciting stuff.
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@Jade: Your story seems to have a creation mythology to it. Of course, it could just be the start of another Vin Diesel movie too. ;) But I'm interested to read more.

@Zer0: I looked up that human/hybrid thing and found a website with information overload. Very interesting.

Tripp Dakota


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I don't think I'm going to post anymore. I want to make this a real book. I was just curious if anyone would want to read this.


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it sounds good to me. I love mythological stuff. and the piece you posted had me really interested. keep writing O:)


This looks like a good story and I'd enjoy reading more if you do decide to post another part.

There is only one problem: On line 22 you have written

"and breeded with men"

There is no such word as "breeded". I believe what you meant was bred.

Other than this minor error though it is a great story.

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