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Stanford is Magenta (1 Viewer)


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I decided to return to the forum for a fun short vignette about the serendipity of young American daydreams, inspired by one of the Redford-Fonda films about modern descent.



Jasmine was a sexy sophomore female student at Stanford working at the university library for one year. She'd become a very respected and reputedly reliable Stanford librarian but was more eager now to find a taste of real college year romance with a dashing male student, preferably one who was a junior or senior year student. Jasmine met the right guy in Hank Pym who was very intelligent and also sensual towards the atttacted Jasmine. Jasmine decided to sew and knit for Hank a special Stanford bandana. Hank loved the gift and the two began dating.

The bandana Jasmine made for her new Stanford boyfriend Hank was a lovely magenta colored piece of material, and Hank wore it everywhere and considered it his favorite accessory. Hank Pym, a junior year Stanford male, was being actively recruited by the CIA for his family connections to intelligence politics and for Hank's uncanny ability with deconstructing political pyramids using almost telekinetic sociology and computer hacker skills. Hank was therefore the ultimate Stanford bachelor and was beloved and adored by his gorgeous university librarian girlfriend Jasmine, a woman of French descent.

Hank was English-American and Protestant, while Jasmine was French-American and Catholic. The two talked about the ugly Protestant-Catholic divisions in Northern Ireland and came to rather romantic bridges regarding the sensual flow between the two Christian denominations and how they informed each others' sense of religious conversationalism. Hank and Jasmine were truly in love but would have to pass he big test of young college love to see if they were actually marriage potential. In other words, this was a West Coast Ivy romance beckoning imaginations of inter-religious courtship and also passionate sex.

HANK: We're the Romeo and Juliet of Stanford!
JASMINE: We'll see if you're just a player or a man.
HANK: There's a great scourge linked to college promiscuity!
JASMINE: Well, the Coronavirus taught us about clarity.
HANK: You're such a doll!
JASMINE: I'll destroy you on the tennis court.
HANK: Protestants don't lose in tennis, darling!
JASMINE: Don't underestimate Catholic sweat, little one.


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