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Stage plays? (1 Viewer)


I've recently been looking into this myself, and I'm sad to say the information isn't easy to come by...even from the local library. Everything tends to lean toward the screenplay, which isn't very useful at all.

I'll keep you posted if I find out anything. I'm now checking with a local company. Hopefully it'll pan out.


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i've written plays, so you can email me for help, if you need it... the book i recommend for formatting theater scripts is paul argentini's 'elements of style for screenwriters' ... it has a good stage play section in the back, complete with examples...

you'll find many more 'variables' in writing for the stage, than in writing screenplays, where the format and style 'musts' are pretty clearly defined... the differences are not many, but are comparively 'great'... if you're writing for a competition, such as the 'young playwrights' founded by sondheim, you should check to see if they have a format they prefer... that one does offer a bit of a format guide, but it covers only the scenes, and not the dramatis personae and scene/set description pages...

if you google for format guides, you'll find a vast variety of styles... and not all of them are good to follow, if you're a beginner with no produced work, just as in screenwriting, where established writers can get away with stuff no newbie should try...

let me know if i can be of any help... hugs, maia

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Thanks for offering the help Maia! :thumbl:

I've decided that my idea will work better as a screenplay then a stage play. I'm getting tingles just thinking about it. Movies today make me sad and I think it's time to begin a change.

It's funny because when I sit down to write a story I have the hardest time doing it, same with stage plays but when I sit down to write a screenplay the story flows from my fingers. I think the cosmic forces are telling me what I should be doing. Trust me, I'm a large believer in fate.

Thanks again! I saved your address in my email. If you ever need anything just send me a message at [email protected]. Though you seem very knowledged as it is already.


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you're welcome, casper!... glad you got the 'vibes' moving you in the best direction for your story... i'm always just a mouse click away, so drop me a line any old time...

as for being 'very knowledged,' since i'm pushing 70, i guess i should be by now, right?

love and hugs, maia