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Southern gothic writer (1 Viewer)

Hello, Everyone. I'm Rosemary Poole-Carter, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the members of WritingForums. Most of the things I write--both novels and plays--are set in the 19th century South and are a little dark, hence the Southern gothic. My newest release is WOMEN OF MAGDALENE (Kunati Inc, Sept. 2007), set in the fictional Magdalene Ladies' Lunatic Asylum shortly after the American Civil War.

In the novel, a poignant Civil War-era song, "Somebody's Darling" is mentioned, and you can hear a lovely new recording of it on the author/news page at my website. After discovering my assistant at my day-job has the voice of an angel, I asked her to record the song and perform at some of my signings.

Happy writing!


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Welcome to the forums. I recamend going on the randomness thread or other social threads so that you can get to know your fellow writers better.

Happy writings!
Thank you all for the welcomes! Maybe this group is too interesting--somehow I have to get back to doing some writing.

Lin, I'm not sure about the North Carolina Pooles connection. Appartenly, my grandpa, Prentiss Poole, did get around. He was (literally) a traveling salesman, who met and wed my grandma in Bernice, Louisiana. When he moved off to take a job in another state, she put the baby on her hip and came after him--and he never got away again.

Linton Robinson

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When he moved off to take a job in another state, she put the baby on her hip and came after him

I can see you come by your Southern Gothic naturally, as my NC granny used to put it.

I used to get off on the names she and the old babes she hung with had: Mildred, Veola, Meta, Sybil B.

And the black maids like Alberta and Cuzzen and Shalimar and Pearline.

Good luck with your book. Show us some of it sometime.