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research paper on sony

Rory Bauers and Danny McLaughlin

Sony Music Entertainment was founded in 1988, when they acquired the CBS record label for two million dollars; however CBS retained the rights to the name. On August 5th, 2004, Sony Music merged with Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG), one of its major competitors, to form Sony BMG. In fact, they are now the world’s second largest record company, next to Universal.
Sony BMG is a global company, with its major headquarters located in New York. Additionally, the larger corporations (Bertelsmann Media Worldwide and Sony Corporation) have headquarters in Germany and Japan. The products are manufactured primarily in Germany and Japan. You can find products made by Sony BMG in many places in many second and first world countries.
Sony BMG’s major competitors are notably referred to as the “Big Four” record labels. They are Universal Records, which controls 25.5% of the music market, EMI Group, which controls 13.4% of the music market, and Warner Bros. Music Group, which controls 11.3% of the music market, all compared to Sony BMG’s 21.5%. The left over 28.4% belongs to smaller record labels. Furthermore, studies show that indie labels are doing better then the bigger labels, since they can succeed with CDs and not have to mass produce.
Sony BMG diversifies its products in a number of ways. Moreover, they offer a number of various genres and artists that target and attract specific audiences, for instance, techno, rock, hip hop, and country target different groups of people. Sony BMG is known for its phenomenal diversity in its music and uses it to its advantage by advertising in a plethora of ways. Lastly, Sony BMG diversifies by using its various genres and advertising them in an assortment of ways.
Advertising is a major part of Sony BMG, due to the fact that Sony and Bertelsmann themselves are two of the biggest corporations in the world, and have plenty of money to spend on advertising. Sony capitalizes on the fact they produce mp3, CD, cassette, and many other music players. Sony uses advertising in that nature to advertise for free and get people to use Sony products, on the other hand get them to buy from Sony BMG.
Sony BMG’s inventions include the Sony Walkman and the XCP code to prevent copying of CDs. Although the XCP code is a worthy invention, it has been a controversial invention, for the reason that the XCP software was considered spyware. It is generally referred to as a rootkit, and Sony was forced to make a rootkit removal system.
Sony BMG raises capital by selling stocks in all the companies owned by Bertelsmann and Sony. By gaining investors in the lower branches and larger conglomerates, Sony BMG earns a great deal of money. In addition, Sony BMG makes a profit off of the concerts and records their artists make.
Sony, as in the parent company, sponsors many things, such as a PGA tournament in Hawaii, called the Sony Open. They sponsor a lot of major sporting events, and even using their artists to use a testimonial advertisement is sponsoring. In addition Bertelsmann, through its smaller companies, does the same type of advertising. Improving productivity- By joining two major record companies together, Sony BMG increases productivity with new artists and more labels owned and produced by them. Now there can be more production, and Sony BMG will be reaping a large profit. In addition, Sony BMG is the manufacturer of its own products, however it is not apparent who supplies Sony BMG with their natural materials, and they use their own distributors and many other companies for distributing.
Sony BMG offers an abundance of various jobs including, recording artist, producers and job analyst, however we could not gather any information on the exact salary and hourly rates of the jobs, although we know Sony BMG is more involved in business jobs, therefore consisting of more salary based jobs.


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This sounds more like a Guerilla (sp?) marketer than an essayist (you know - they type that sits in a coffeeshop somewhere striking up conversations with strangers about their "favorite" band).

If I'm wrong then I apologize.