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Sometimes, mother: (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
Mother sometimes
and the fault lies in the formation, cliffs
and troughs spring out of connections formed
in plates rather than seamlessly. Ruptures occur
a face can feel as if it is floundering in sand
breathing in such cases resembles drowning
a hand waving but the signal signals to siblings
run, back out the backdoor, revisit friends
once more, feed yourselves, dress yourselves
for heaven’s sake, save yourselves.

Mother sometimes
what I wish for, which must always remain
separate from what is wished for me,
radiates outwards, silence can be a tool
to suppress hurt, I learnt that lesson
a long time ago; words emitted are not butterflies
free to cavort and land where they desire, words
are barbs hungry to grip and snare – your eyes
have always been twin pools
I hated seeing my reflection within.

Mother sometimes
I catch a certain look that draws upon you
I hear the curtain rings clink
see the light diminish, know your thoughts
have returned to the realm before
in that barefoot paddock where wounds
are formed by circumstances never understood
like having a brother who died
and so took pride of place in a manner
you never could.
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