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Sometimes, I feel remorse for being a man (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Women have to suffer period pains and labor pains, which us men are spared. I know it's not my fault that nature has created us this way, but still, I feel awful.

One time, I saw a scene in a comedy, where a woman, while giving birth, was yelling at her husband stuff such as, 'I hate you. It's all your fault.' and 'You will never touch me again.' and 'You men should all have your d%$ cut off.' Although it was comedy, it made me feel even worse.

I went to a women's forum and went like, 'Did you really feel like that about your husband while you were giving birth?' and most of them were like, 'Lol, yes, I did.' Though, judging from their reactions, they probably didn't take me very seriously. (Eventually, I was perma banned from that forum for 'disrupting the community'.)