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A piece of spoken word

You give me 'something' unbelievable
Its a feeling i thought was unachievable
And its barely conceivable to me, that boy meets girl and the girl is even amenable
To my ridiculous advances
What are the chances that an angel would fall and granted
Though this feeling is heavenly
You're just a woman that regularly
Helps me remove my inhibitions
Gives confidence to position myself as Me
Nothing spiritual, but I worship you in ritual
My entire being is addicted to this feeling you omit to all that deserve you, I can't explain it's just 'something'.

Love-struck, and stupid. Fools when we meet
Fuck society and what it would rather see
I've lived a decade of lies, its time to just
Acceptance of myself doesn’t come naturally
And yet your kiss puts me at ease
Fills me with hope then an instant release
I'm flying
When we touch we just fade into one
Two broken pieces that become completed
The scars are still visible but the pains left, its deleted
Cracks in the pavement have been re-concreted
A dropped stitch in the 'tapestry', weft repeated
Misery still 'looms'. We cheated, I know
And though the burdens of guilt and dismay, only display when you leave
Its important to know and better believe
That I feel that feeling too. I cannot conceive an eventuality that is pain free
But my foolish heart has convinced me
That the clocks will run on fast forward and it will be
Now - Risk, fear and uncertainty it holds you
Its anarchy to break the container that moulds you
And yet I will be there, ill hold you
Its me against the world
Against all odds, we are... 'something'
And Something is better than anything else,
Its we against the world



Staff member
This is beautiful. I read it aloud several times and I could feel the emotion. Have you recorded it? Would love to hear you read it. You can share the link if you have.


Senior Member
I agree with PiP. It's a beautiful piece. It's also my favorite kind of love poetry. It focuses more on the beautiful work of a relationship rather than the sensuality.
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Thanks both. What format would I be able to share an audio clip of the piece through? Has it been done on here before?