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Constantine 25:17

Good evening fellow writers!

This is my first introducory post at this forum, and wanted to join so that I could read your work and make my work available for sharing with others and to generate some feedback and discussion! I'm looking forward to making some interesting (if only virtual) acquaintances, and reading and sharing some inspiring words!

My only concern which I could not find an answer for in the FAQ's is about plagiarism and the protection of our work!?

Does anyone know what the rules are regarding that subject?

Thank you !


Senior Member
Hi Constantine :)

Plagiarism is not allowed on the forum, and regarding the protection of our work, the Writer's Workshop is only acessable by members of WF. Anyway, welcome to Writing Forums.

Have fun!


WF Veterans
Welcome to the forum, Constantine. Never worry about plagiarism. Once you've written down something, it is automatically protected.


Constantine 25:17

Thank you for the kind responses. The protection of my work is great news to me !
Ciao Constantine,

Bella la semplicita' nei tue parole. Molto adatta a haiku. Ho un amico in Milano molto immerso in questo stile. Ma tu sei italiana o austriaca? Scrivi sempre in italiano?

I would say don't worry about plagirism. I believe we should write what we believe should be known, and if it be made known by another stealing our words, we have only gained our purpose. Also, any audience created by your words would soon enough know who can sustain the communication and who is the real author. Fear not, write and be heard. Imposters are always unmasked at the finish line.

Buon scrivere,


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