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Ok, so, in the fantasy story I'm currently working on, there's a plot element involving a sort of plant that, depending on whomever plants it, it would produce something different, varying based on the persons most basic aspect. (An ex-policeman's plant grows a badge, a british high society man's grows teabags, etc.) Problem is, I can't come up with the plant for one of my characters. He's shallow, and a big showoff, he was raised in a rural area, but I can't think of anything that would work for him. Because of the rural aspect I want to avoid anything involving technology. I feel kinda lazy for asking, but this really has me stuck, so I'm looking for suggestions or maybe some advice if you've ever been in a similar situation.


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Going off of only shallow, rural, and big show-off?

Blaze orange hats? Over-sized belt buckles?

It might not hurt to know the time period, culture, his occupation, etc.


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Huh... neat idea. A bit odd, but still quite interesting....

Garish plastic jewelry like the kind of stuff you might find at the bottom of a cereal box?

Monopoly money?

Oatmeal cookies?

Kyle R

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Maybe that should be part of the story. This shallow, showoffy guy roots the plant and arrogantly expects something grand to emerge, but instead the plant bears no fruit. Perhaps he needs to go through a change before he finds something to stand for.


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Is the point of this plant to teach them something? Remind them of something? Is it to show them who they really are?

So how is this guy shallow? What does he say or do to make him that way? If he's a showoff, who's he showing off to, and why? Does he showoff in front of the girls because he's what they all want, or is he a showoff at work because he makes the most money. I guess I'd have to know more about him to think of something decent.

Someone shallow is all about their looks, so maybe he grows something like the ultimate hold hair gel! Or, ummm... some really expensive jeans that he looks really good in. He can be shallow and show off in them at the same time. ;0)

Or, maybe you could go along the same lines of that movie Shallow Hal. Where he see's all these beautiful women and falls in love with one. It turns out he was hypnotised into thinking fat girls were skinny, and fell in love with one of the fat girls. In the end, he ended up loving her for her anyway. But could you do something along those lines?!?
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