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Some Stream of Consciousness Writing (1 Viewer)


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*sigh* So here I am, just sitting, always sitting...why don't I ever do anything? I think I should get out there and do something!!! But then agian, it is vacation time and all I'm really obligated to do is sleep and get ready for more school aka Hell...Oh...what was I---?

Oh yes, here I am, just sitting, waiting until 7pm so that I can call my friend. What a weird time to call someone. Why not sooner? Or later? Why at a specific time? What would happen if I called at like 6:50? Would he get mad at me? Oh well, some people are just like that, I guess.

Hey...it's cool when I type all fast like that. My fingers just moving around the keyboard, doing their own little thing. Fingers are so cool, but thumbs rock. I remember someone saying that thumbs rule the world, which I guess they do, since we can do more stuff than animals. But then again, what about robots? I bet they could do all kinds of stuff with their litle fingers made out of metal. That's kind of scary...what if robots ruled the world? They will eventually, I suppose. I hope I'm not alive when that happens. I mean, everything gets angry, including robots, so they would just get pissed and then shoot someone and leave a huge hole in their stomach. And what will the police do? Arrest them? Uh, no, the robots would just break through the wall or something, and you can't put them on trial or anything. All you could do to punish them is just hit them to death with a sledgehammer, and that would be pretty fun...haha...just hitting that thing until it was flat...That was a weird thought, I may be insane. Who knows?

Oh well, when did I start thinking about robots? That was weird. My stomach hurts and I wish I could go to bed...maybe I should read my book, The Jungle. It's pretty gross...I may never eat another sausage again. But that's not entirely true. I probably will eat it and then get sick afterwards. That's dumb. Sausages look weird anyways. They're all weird colored and...okay, I'm making myself sick. Ohh my stomach. Hey, they're playin that song on that commercial. They have so many good songs on commercials nowadays. Well of course, it's so you'll start singing the song over and over, and the someone will ask you, "What are you singing?" And instead of saying the actually title you'll say, "Oh, I'm singing that song from _______" And the person will say, "Ohh, okay. I love that commercial!" But what they really mean is that they love that song, so now everyone's just goin around singin the McDonald's song or the Dr. Pepper song. That's kind of pointles, actually, because no one actaully buys the products. If they see the product they'll just start singing that song and not care about the product. Uh...yeah...that made sense, kind of. Oh well, I'm getting tired...my arms are getting tired because I'm just typing and typing...

I wonder if you can get muscles from typing? Some lady once said that secretary's nails grow longer than regular people because when you type it stimulates nail growth so that's why they always have those naisl going clack clack clack. Man, this thing must have so many typoes...did I even spell that right? Probably not. Oh well, I'm gonna go now and try to do "something productive" as my mom always says...bye people, you're all awesome! Man, my fingers are cold as hell...


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Basically I just wrote about what I was thinking at that exact moment in time...and "where the sun don't shine" could be my ass, but I prefer the depths of my consciousness, kind of like yours, but I wanted to confuse more people.