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I haven't posted in a while, so I supposed it was time to conjure up a new essay to ponder on. I kind of rambled, kind of gotten off point, but I just wrote straight from my mind. There was no plotted structure; there wasn't any grand plan. Just writing. :) Enjoy.

I believe there are quite a few problems with society. I first began thinking about this today, in my Driver's Education class, when I noticed how radical human life has changed, yet how simply no one cares. Everyone thinks change has been for the good, everyone thinks humans have advanced, and that the likes of vehicles is a blessing upon humanity, something to be used by all. Well, I also got to thinking how gas prices are horrible these days. What can we do to help it? Whan could we have done to prevent it? Cars with better gas-mileage and such really don't change anything. They'll advertise it, but everyone knows cars will eventually meet a demise; everyone knows things have to change soon or there is some risk of collapse.
My instructor, he always speaks of inflation. Inflation is another thing that's out of our control. What happens in government is completely independent of our own ideas. We simply elect the officials, but we're not sure on what they'll do. We just trust them, which is like trusting a child with a knife. They're either going to stab someone else, or stab themselves. They just wait until you're not looking to do so.
So, what can we do with things we can't control? To most, it's simple just to let it happen. Our lives are so complex and complicated; so far beyond us, that it's extremely difficult to affect every aspect affecting you. The only solace one can have in society is the fact that their actions define them; the fact that it is still possible to be a good person. It's not easy, as so many more things influence us now. You may ask, "But how? People are still the same. People are still both bad and good. There are the corrupt ones, the evil ones, the good ones. We can't change people." You'd be right. We can't modify the attitudes of people. Some claim they can, but I think not. Every decision made by someone else is incontrollable by you. If a man has his mind set on doing something he shouldn't, he'll surely do it. It's not because you failed to instruct him in the proper way to do the thing, but the fact that he's an independent being with independent thoughts and ideas. Then, how can influences change over time? How can we go from being influenced by instict to influenced by what's accepted in society? It's simple. One man sat down on a rock one day, and said, "I'm going to create society. With it, I'll create cultures and ideas. I'll think up everything that'll be accepted in this society; I'll think up the attitudes that serve as standards. I'll do it the right way too; the bad man won't run free. He'll be a victim of this society. This society will be a judicial one, with rules and regulations. All the people will be good; all their intentions well-founded. Things will be perfect." A man really didn't sit on a rock and think that, but I'm sure the founders of our society once thought like this. "Man has potential, let's put him in a prison; tell him what to do. Tell him what's right from wrong, define his actions as actions of good and evil. Let all men be endeared by suffering for their actions." And so, society was formed. The greatest thinkers in the world grouped humans into one, homogolous group. Every human was born, every human died. So, every human could live in a way that was acceptable. Bad people would be eliminated with this society; there would never again be plagues, disease, no one would murder because the consequences would be too dire.
That's what somebody must have thought. Some brilliant scientist, a product of his own experiments, decides that humans are easily manipulated, defined, and studied. We are taken apart, put back together, analyzed, and debugged. There is nothing under the skin of our eyelids besides our eyes. You can dig deeper, but we all look the same underneath. The brain, which has been studied for an eternity, still can't be figured out. Maybe we can't figure it out. Why do we need to anyways? We're humans. We were made to breath, to walk, to talk, to think, to feel. We don't need anyone to tell us how to think and feel, but it's so hard to develop independent opinions when we're forcefed so much about right and wrong, morally good and evil. Instinct judges killing as wrong. Someone takes a loved one, one of our tribe, we'll be scarred. The moral aspect is fed by emotion, which was fed by the advanced instincts possessed by humans. We don't think and react; we don't always live by the rules of survival. What destroys us is what plagues us; the things that change us are what defines us. It's easy to understand how things like morals came about when analyzed in this method.
But, everyone can have their own morals. Everyone can have their own virtues. People are affected by certain events differently than others. A man that doesn't cry at a funeral isn't showing sadness, you say. But, he may show sadness in a way different that that mentioned as the standard of society.
You never know about people; that's simply my point. They're more unconquerable than any animal I know. They can be studied for years, yet they cannot be chained. There will always be killers; there will always be the bad man. It's just disastrous to mold ourselves around a system in which the bad man can't exist, that the bad man won't survive for long. I can give you some long scientific debate about the nature of humans, but there are more exceptions than rules.

If the English language could be personified, I think we'd be it. :)

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I kind of rambled, kind of gotten off point....There was no plotted structure; there wasn't any grand plan. Just writing...

Well you said it! Honestly, your accurate commets above explain why i did not enjoy...