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My story which I have titled Monkey Finger, is about a band going by the same name. The story starts near the end of high school for the members still attending it and the main plot is about the band trying to make it, while their personal lives threaten to break them apart. I want to have each chapters from a different members POV. The intro will be about a new member auditioning for the band to replace the guitarist who just quit to form his own band.


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i have started a breif outline of plot points but its basicaly about an imortal guy in a fantasy kingdom and many thoustand yoears of both his personal history and the history of the world he lives in

  • I was there when the land of the pharos was formed and I was old then
  • I became the advisor to the first pharaoh, Tiu, and I came to love him like a son
  • I wanted his line to endure forever so I opened the Venti to him and his issue
  • In time I became the high priest I used my powers to help my pharaoh’s people and I taught those of the great blood some small knowledge of the powers they I had given to them.
  • Time passed until the gift I had given my pharaoh and his people had began to defuse most of the great blood could do no more than induce a cloud to rain.
  • the pharaoh Sett was born as one of the shining ones (the pure)
  • he came to me to learn of his powers and he made me feel young he was the most interesting mortal I had ever met
  • I taught him much lore because I deeply desired he should be my equal in lore as well as the power.
  • Sett opened for himself the forbidden Ventus sanguineus
  • when I knew what he had done I explained to Sett why it was forbidden he did not listen
  • the last of the other old ones who ate manna came to me knowing what I had allowed to happen they stripped me of my powers
  • I warned Sett what they planned to do him
  • Sett fought the old ones he showed no mercy to them he slaughtered them and resurrected their corpses to be his undead generals
  • I left the lands of the pharaoh never to return
  • I joined a nomadic tribe and became its leader
  • Sett built his empire of the dead his power threatened my tribe (he believed me dead) I built the great city Atlanti in the desert
  • I founded the collages and taught them many secretes of craft
  • my nomads became stagnant behind their walls they bored me so I left them
  • I wished to see the sea again to remind me of my island home on a mountain in what is now k’Ind I built a pyre and symbolically burned the souls of my dead kin. A powerful sense of loneliness came over me as I realized that I would watch everything I loved wither and die.
  • I began my search for beings as permanent as myself at first hoping to find others of my kind separated away from the cataclysm as my kin was
  • eventually I came to the hall of Moiren the king in the forest and his lady they were immortal like I am but they had used to be human in the times of Tiu before they struck an accord with the spirits of the forest the spirits had hungered for corporeal bodies and Moiren’s people had wandered into the forest at first the spirits had taken the bodies from Moiren’s people and those bodies died eventually a mutual thing was agreed upon Moiren and his lady became immortally bound to the forest and there people bound but not immortal
  • I stayed a long time with Moiren I tried to commune with the sprites...


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as of now I plan to write a science fiction piece. It will be about a binary planet system, somewhere in a galaxy, that each evolve intelligent life independently and at the same time. the binary planet system is basically two full size planets in close orbit with each other (not as close as the moon, but much closer than mars) that revolves around its sun.

on the one planet the beings are intelligent, but in a much different way. they do not have limbs or the ability to create buildings and machines so their technology is limited. and they communicate by organically produced radio waves. on the other planet, the beings do have limbs capable of advancing in technology and they have language. thus they discover space flight.

the technological beings fly to the other planet and discover what secrets it holds. this is a huge discovery to know that other intelligent beings have evolved simultaneously on another planet so close to theirs! attempts at communication are made, with success. the two lifeforms begin to create a harmony. then comes the twist. an alien civilization comes through with a fleet of ships. it is the last of their race, the remains of a brutal war. they are low on supplies and internal tensions are very high. this new alien civ tries to forcefully colonize these planets in order to survive.

the invading aliens are human.

the story will be told from two points of view--one from each of the binary planet systems natives. i hope to build empathy for the aliens so that when the antagonizing humans arrive the reader hates them with a passion for what they do.


I always write fantasy, no matter what, usually medieval fantasy but for NaNoWriMo I think I'll try something a little more modernish, surrealish (can't tell til I get started :p)...I haven't started to think to much about what I'm going to write (Otherwise I'll get excited and start writing ahead of time XD) but I'll probably just think of how I want to start and then see what I come up with from there.


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Science fiction based on recent developments in biotech and possible medical applications. Alloplasty, biotech, and ants are also part of the backstory and advancement of the plot.


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I am working on writing my own life stories and practicing by jotting down daily interactions. I find it is easier to write about my life than to draft fiction. For the non-fiction, I started by writing down at least one hundred topics. I am now going through and drafting each one of them. Some go into advanced drafts, some change direction, but for right now, I just want to get them all down first. I am learning a lot through the process, although I have doubts about my efforts now and then. I have at least 50 k words.


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Umm, iceguy? The thread is about NaNoWriMo. If you already have 50k words, then clearly you're not talking about that.


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My Mistake

Your post caused me to look a little closer. I checked out the website and it sounds interesting. Thanks for clueing me in.....duh.


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No sweat. Everyone makes mistakes. There are threads for writing progress around here somewhere:)


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Here's mine:

A indecisive man dies and goes to purgatory, which happens to be working in a mall. In the mall he's given the chance to fix the mistake he made in his past life and be with the girl he truly loves. But at the same time he has to deal with the insane SS Mall Manger, his masochist assistant, a rebel force building a Bass Pro-type shop, rude angelic shoppers and the possibility that the devil owns a shop across from his.
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My story which I have titled Monkey Finger, is about a band going by the same name. The story starts near the end of high school for the members still attending it and the main plot is about the band trying to make it, while their personal lives threaten to break them apart. I want to have each chapters from a different members POV. The intro will be about a new member auditioning for the band to replace the guitarist who just quit to form his own band.

Hey...that sounds super interesting but I thought I'd give you a heads up. There's a real band by that name. Monkey Finger...if you're not writing about them, you'll need a new title. Maybe Toejam Footfall? Sorry, man. Band names are rough sledding.


i'm actually working on i think 4 stories, just not really progressing since i lack good vocabulary and sentence structure and i often pick up a chapter of each of the story whenever i can't think about what to write anymore for the other story.

But in other words, here's what i'm working on.

On the Other Side of the Ring:
This story is actually supposed to be a romantic/comedy set in Lyon, France 1905, told by both Olivie Bougnol and Sebestien Lefebvre. Olivie was a heartless young orphaned woman of 19 who got turned into a man after believing her mad scientist father (now dead) and drank his special liquid that he created. She was stuck in the form of a man and in the streets of Lyon until the failed boxing coach Sebestien discover her strength in the alley. He quickly ask her to be his boxer in the ring. Being selfish and think only about her benefits, she quickly agree to be his boxer. She got the strength of a man and temper, but the only problem is once a month, for seven days, Olivie will turn back into a woman for her feminine syndromes.

Darling, Stand By Me
A modern love story about a teen named Sasa who married a stranger named Wislen in order to pay her mother's debt. They were unhappily married and Sasa who continue being picked on at school, promised she will pay back the debt and get a divorce as soon as possible. It wasn't until Wislen's little cousin Dora became their daughter.

Second Look

It's a story about a man named Syd Richman who knew his father disliked him but returned to Paris to get rid of the maid named Rosema, a girl who was treated like a daughter from his family, who he blamed for the loss of his younger brother's arm.

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...and you're doing those four stories for NaNoWriMo, negenki?
starStuff...I'm looking forward to that one. I hope you write it out. Are you doing formal worldbuilding for those planets? The first set of creatures sound as if they may be aquatic or semi-aquatic, or possibly aerial, like the intelligent dirigibles from the Medea project.


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As I move along, I've added information to the backstory and plotting. The biotech items mentioned are offshoots of the Human Genome Project-the story postulates the sequencing of the genomes of clients of a health insurance company, and some of the legal, political, and social implications of that series of actions. There are also some new "medicines" based on derivatives from animal genomes.
There is considerable political background as well-the story is set at a time when the funding for Social Security and Medicare is just about gone, and deals with the anger and resentment of the younger folks who may not have the advantages of those systems to fall back on.


I'm going to do a man narrating his fall into insanity. It's a rather unoriginal idea, but it'll mostly just be rambling, because I can't write a decent story. It should help me stop criticizing my writing so heavily and just write, though..


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I'm focused on writing Fiction and Non-Fiction. I'm working on 2 volumes of a book called "A Journey Into Unknown." I think it will be somewhat of a memoir. It will focus on one main character who goes through life searching for the ultimate truth. I'm not sure what that truth will be, but I know it's somewhere deep in me.


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I'm going to write a story about two very different men in the year 2019, locked in a conflict that could decide the fate of the world as we know it (or at least, as the characters in the story know it).

The protagonist will be a wet nosed detective, working with a group of police men and FBI agents within a city to track down and capture the antagonist.

The antagonist, who I have dubbed Stark, will be a mysterious individual whose identity is unknown to everyone. He is not really evil, but is very idealistic and believes that the world needs to change. So basically he takes up that responsibility himself and bands up a "terrorist" group. Throughout the story, he taunts the detective and the agents, all while "testing" them and trying to prove his points to the world. Everything will lead up to one final moment, where the fate of the world rests upon the shoulders of the rookie detective, and one chance face to face encounter with Stark.

I can't wait :p

Sen Yama

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I'm writing about a military gorup in a future psudo-America, where the country has split into five, and the average tech and medical level has fallen, but there is still advanced tech in the Military and in the big cities (there are about 8 big cities, about the size of Tokyo). The government is a bit of a shakey thing, and the military is a completly seperate entity, which gets payed by the job, instead of being a loyal (or semi-loyal) entity.


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I've finally chosen my nanowrimo story. It's called Dark, Dark Moon and I guess it would be classed as urban fantasy. Trying to make it more psychological rather than a gore-fest. It's YA and I'm loving plotting it all out. I really enjoy researching stuff and I know nothing about gardening, so for the past few weeks I've been reading up on gardening tips/tools. One of the characters is a serious gardener BTW


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Unless I get derailed in the next couple weeks, I have my story planned, except the ending!

My story is about an 11-year-old boy that is sexually abused by an older brother, and the affect it has on him in the rest of his life. Maybe. Oh, God, I'm so wanting to get going on this!