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So! This is me introducing myself! (1 Viewer)



Um... I'm not sure what to say really- except that the little whistling smiley face is creeping me out.

Anyhoo I'm Stitch and I guess I like writing as long as it isn't poetry. Which I’m awful at.

I've never actually had anything published since second grade (Yeah… it was like a story about a dragon that got made fun of till he blew fire. So deep.) and I just started working on a story last summer. Its somehow turned into three parts now and then I was introduced to the wonderful world of Chemistry. It could be sci-fi if I would stop making things up.

My favorite book is Valiant and... I have nothing to say.
And I have to go to soccer practice so this is sort of a HI! Bye... kind of thing.

So hiya!

Oh! And anyone have a werewolf story? I love wolves. And soccer. And chocolate… 0o
I ate pineapple to-day. And I like Green.


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Lmao!!!! XD

Okay that really cracked me up!! I'm Emma! Nice t' meet ya!! ^_^ Welcome to the forum!! I'm sure you're gonna love it here!! Although, if I were you I'd watch out for the forumbots, single-spaced posts, and dancing bananas....

Oh! And I love green too!! ^_^


Wow... people answered fast!
^^ I love that! You all rock.
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Either works... sitch or Stitch. The username is a joke. I can't spell see, so all of my online names are mispelled. ^^
Thanks everyone. ^^

Question... what should I do storywise? I'm not completely sure how to review others or post my own....


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Edit button- use or lose, brother

Hello, my name is commoner afrikana

or, voodoo.

You've found this little slice of ego from google, likely, and now I bet you're thanking those twisted people for creating such an engine.

Don't start anything- someone says your work is bad, politely nod and thank them for their input.


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Hi Sitch! ^_^

Well, what kind of writing do you do? If you do Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc, you post your work in that section of Writing Forums. To review, you will need to provide feedback to the author of a story you like, and give them an idea on what they will need to fix, grammar, etc.

Hope this helps, Sitch.



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Welcome to the forum, Stitch! I do love chocolate, and (where)wolves, but haven's yet written a story about it.