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So... How'd Your Day Go? (5 Viewers)


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Going to listen to some podcasts on dsylexia. I know what I am doing is tough. I however need to do something to entertain myself. I want to join a creative writing workshop but feel somewhat intimidated. I do appreciate the feedback I do get. I honestly think I would I should switch hobbies, but my personality prefers writing over anything else. There are tough situations in the education systems of many countries concerning it.



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Currently on break at work rabbit holing through Smithsonian articles on Egyptian tombs and Irish Elk.

Update: Finally home and indulging in vices. Books and Discovery + with Rue Dog.

In a weird bit of irony, it takes me longer to read a graphic novel like Sanderson's The Dark One than it does for me to binge through the Rogues' Reform by Stephanie Laurens...(And yes, I've been reading Regencies long before Bridgerton was a thing on Netflix.)

With the graphic novels it actually takes me a couple of days to get through one because there is so much visual detail to process.
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