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So... How'd Your Day Go? (6 Viewers)


Is that Dean Koontz book yours (writing popular fiction)? That goes for 300 dollars. I remember selling mine for 80 when I had it. I thought the advice was basic at the time. It's hyped by collectors I am convinced by own my experience.
Yes, it is. I bought it from...can't remember if it was Alibris, maybe? A little while ago now. I agree about it being somewhat basic but sometimes that's what I need. The book that's beside it, Story (McKee) is much more in-depth.


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It’s too early to tell, I’m awake but not up yet. Enjoying the quiet and pain free.
Yesterday though, was a banner day! Began and finished some overdue chores early, completed a poem I’d been working on for a week thinking it needed to be submitted today.....it’s next Monday, and... was delighted, grateful and surprised I wasn’t sore, as I had fallen on my right side the day before. Yup, fell like a ton of pavers. Nothing broken. A couple hours afterwards, I did a light workout as to not tighten up, I think that helped... and 600 mgs of Ibuprofen. Yea, so waking up yesterday was a nice surprise like today, but then, I haven’t tried to stand up yet either, here goes....


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Just finished with edit #6 of Redemption, and wanted to go for a ride on my motorcycle... but then I looked outside... damn it, it's snowing.

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