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So... How'd Your Day Go? (8 Viewers)

Phil Istine

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We live in dangerous times!
All I did was think, "Huh! I don't have that book series"...and somehow there was this blur of having 'added to cart' and then books appeared!
My bank account will be empty, my house full of books.

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My name is Phil and I'm a bookaholic. I pretend to be a librarian to cover my addiction and go into different bookshops, but I think they're beginning to suspect. I even hide in toilets to read, but I have to be careful to not rustle the pages in case anyone finds out.
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What is this too many books thing you're talking about? You do know that is just a legend...right. (This is just a small portion of the books on my table and my nonfiction/fantasy overflow bookcase. My stacks on the table are 10 inches deep and the one bookcase stretches an additional four feet on either side.)


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