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So... Hey everyone! (1 Viewer)



I'm new here, obviously, and this is my first thread. Yay!

As long as it relates to me in some way, shape or form, you can call me anything you want. My name is Mia, and I'm 16 now.
I like to write in my spare time, but most of my writing tends to hit a stumbling block and I abandon it, though sometimes I resurrect old work.

To be honest, I love to write, but I doubt it'll come to anything. I'll probably post everything from plots to poetry and full-blown novels, if I ever finish anything that far.

I also tend to sign my posts.



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Hello there and let me be the first one to welcome you to the forum, Mia. I'm hoping you will enjoy being here, and will learn some new things :)

~ Shinn