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So Grateful to Be Here (1 Viewer)

Hello, I am a brand new writer with a long history of living :wink:. I joined a writer's group last year because I wanted to start a blog and my first piece totally bombed but the next piece I rewrote using their expert suggestions and was cheered on by the group. These people were fantastic to and for me but I had to stop meeting with them as the meeting time was impossible for me to keep. Since then, the group has stopped due to the mighty COVID outbreak.

Now, I've started to write a short story or two and a very small self-help book. I've been driving my friends and family to distraction asking them to read and re-read my little attempts at writing.

I'm so thankful there is a group like this here and that you all are a part of it. I hope I can be of value to others and I hope I can get some valuable comments on my little projects.

Thank you for reading this. Write on!


Hey there! I think a lot of similar groups fell by the wayside as a result of the pandemic (sadly). But I'm glad that you're not letting a little thing like a massive, worldwide outbreak stop your writing. :lol: Thanks for joining, and welcome!


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Welcome to the forum. There will come a point where you will quit asking your family to read your stuff. But that’s okay. I went through that when I first started and soon realized they were nodding their head like a foreign waiter. Here we will not only read your stuff, but after you meet the minimum requirements, we will give an honest critique. Something your family probably wouldn’t do. So I look forward to your work. Write on.
Thank You

Nice to meet you both and thank you for responding. I'm new to a forum and don't know how to respond individually so the combined "thank you" goes out to you.