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Please I would appreciate any feed back on a book I have been working on. It evolves around the lifes of students in their final year of school in South Africa, while I understand some of the language and symbolism in the story is geared towards South Africans I would appreciate any feedback in how it translates internationally. I still have a bit of editing to do but am looking for some kind of critique this far.

African Writer Series
Page 1
Me I’m Clever
Zindele I.P 169.000.001

She sat in class with her back to the teacher. The teacher tried to get her attention but she

responded only in vowels. School was not for her, especially a school with a white teacher. She was

born free and therefore free to deny herself an education. Her father the freedom fighter had over

the years programmed the hate of the white man into her.

Zindele was intelligent, when she applied herself, but her hatred put her learning mind on pause.

The blah blah of the teacher kept interrupting her cell phone communication, so she plugged in her

headphones, and selected a newly released tune by the Miget’s husband. His music spoke to her, on

skin level, but the irony that he made millions in spite of his own claim that higher white powers

ruled the industry was lost on her.

This was her final year of school and she saw it as her duty to interrupt the class, and disturb those

that worried enough about their future and hence were motivated to learn. She explained to the

freedom fighter that her bad grades arrived as a consequence of the racist actions of her white

teacher. The school decided to expel her, for beating some random white girl, black and blue. The

freedom fighter accepted that the random girl had looked at her with racist eyes, and as such school

was no place for his loving daughter. He used his freedom fighter gained position of power and

privilege to put her in charge of some government department.

Page 2
The Benefits of suffering
Anna I.P 169.000.002

Whenever she asked her Dad why he was un-employed he rattled on about the bees or something

to that effect. Her father always ended with how good Apartied was, and how he had bought a

house during that time, simply by managing the bins. No matter how hard her mind tried to picture

the period her father talked about, she could not.

Anna was a young blonde girl; she had hopes and dreams of studying Astro Physics one fine day.

She was not the sharpest knife in the draw, and hence worked extra hard to get a passing grade.

This was her final year of school, so every night she hit the books like a farmer clearing his fields.

She was however struggling to complete an assignment about what it was like to be black in the

days of Apartied. She sat with the Bic pen tip in her mouth and a blank piece of paper in front of her.

Suddenly the lights went out, she check her phone for the time, and deduced that it was not a

stage 1 power cut, this was rather an Eskom ‘whatever’ power cut. Her mind pinged her brain, and

she thought, “This is what it must of being like to be black during Apartied.” Darkness! No Power!

No wood! No food!

She scribbled her ping thoughts by candle light, and decided on an early night, as waiting for power

to return was like waiting for political leaders to end corruption, long, tedious, boring, foolish


Page 3

The next day she arrived at school early, just about the same time Zindele was pulling into the

school yard in a white BMW 120i. A feeling of jealousy came over her on seeing how easy others

had it. How made others were. Her mind pinged her brain again and said, “This feeling is what it

must of being like to be black during Apartied.” Zindele took her staring to be some act of

aggression and jumped out her car, and came running and screaming towards her. Anna kept silent

and did not respond to the verbal attack, which Zindele took as a further act of aggression, and

started to beat Anna with clench fists. She beat hard and fast till Anna’s pale white skin turned

blue. Anna was in too much pain and shock to react. Zindele looked down on Anna’s fetal form, and

then kicked her in the face till the blue skin turned black.

“No wait!” Anna’s mind said to itself, “This is what it was like to be black during Apartied!”

Page 4
Finding I.D
Sheila I.P 169.000.003

What is Culture? Culture is like an operating system, the dance routine of a community, to the

beating sounds of their shared journey. In Africa we have 3 operating systems. The white

communities are like Bills Windows, forcing their way into every hardware space. The black

communities are like Steve’s Apple, fighting and designing a way to the top. The Coloured are like

Linux, a community forced into existence by the unfair practices of Windows and Apple. They are an

evolving system, open to new ideas, thought, and expression, but always ever invisible to the

masses. Always, ever, trying hard to establish identity. The lack of identity led to a black hat hacker

way of life which was reflected in their affinity for booze, alcohol and violence.

Sheila started her final year with gusto, motivated by coloureds in the larger world, which were

bringing her culture and identity into the Google scheme of things. She saluted Rhiana, bowed down

to Obama, and found her peace in the world by listening to the music of Bob Marley or Canadian

Drake. In her final year of school she had friends from Windows and Apple, but however leaned fast

and hard to the numbers of Linux. Linux offered protection in the schooling system from bullying

agents, racist agents and teachers who just came to collect their baby sitting fees. She was

generally happy with life, always the heart of the party. She only had one problem, a sickness that

suddenly arrived every morning.

Page 5
Even though Sheila was embedded with the anti- authorities Linux mind, she had a brain that

thought about peace, and perhaps it was in the DNA of her mixed race blood. She rushed over to

stop her friend Zindele pounding on some random white girl, but when she got there the sickness

came out all over Anna. A week later Anna left the school, to spend time at home with her father,

who slowly and skillfully upgraded her mind to Windows 10.0.

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