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Sitcom formatting (1 Viewer)

Asphyxiation Len

Senior Member
I've read the sticky above, re: screenplay formatting, but can I employ this same (as per the 'standardised' link) format for writting a UK sitcom?

I have just read elsewhere on the net that the Courier font it the only one to be used ... argh! This means further reduction of what i've already done, now 41 pgs, previously 36, and then 6 pages too many. No wriggle room here I suppose?




Senior Member
ALWAYS use courier. Always. It's standard becuase courier font is considered 1 minute of film time per a page. If you have a flex of 6 pages, that's messing with the screentime. Time to go back... edit, and look at areas of writing that can be condensed, cut back, or simplified. You can do it!

Linton Robinson

Senior Member
TV shows are different in structure from films. They have commercial breaks and need to come to little cliffhangers or downbest spots before each break.

At least in the US. Maybe in the UK there are no commercials. Beats me.

If you're writing for TV you'd do well to hit the forum at tvwriter.com