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I think Fanghuzhai's poem, Starbucks, with its theme of marketplace vs love, or love midst the marketplace world, was still on the back of my mind when I had this actual experience while grocery shopping with my wife. I guess there's still a little fire in the furnace!


We were in a grocery store.
She spoke.
I didn’t hear what she said,
but it sounded beautiful,
pulled me,
wrapped me up,
sent me swirling.
I couldn’t find anything.
Finished shopping.
Had what I wanted.
Wanted what I had.


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Oooh, this could be a little sexy, couldn't it?!

Simple and sweet. Once in a while, my loved ones will amaze me by being themselves. Sounds like that happened to you, too, and I appreciate you sharing the sentiment!
Thanks caffe.con.panna, Yes this one was really low hanging fruit. Heard her say something and her voice sounded like music, and being with her (as you say, being herself) was WAY better than grocery shopping. Plus I often contrast the contrived "hunger" that a well-conditioned consumer has vs true human "needs." We have been pawns for supply side economics for sometime now. We are conditioned to confuse mere, passing, wants, with "I need" (or really want).
We would certainly leave a lot smaller carbon footprint if we already "had what (we)want," instead of always wanting more and more things.
I suppose the "wanting" what I already had is a bit sexy though.
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