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Simultaneous submissions (1 Viewer)

Chris Miller

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Starting to shop a novel around to a few indies. Most guidelines I try to adhere to, but the "No simultaneous submissions" one gives me pause. With responses taking months (if ever), and the probability of acceptance being minuscule (as most publishers admit), and there being so many publishers, it seems an unfair request. I'm inclined not to comply, or to even notify them if it's picked up elsewhere. In the unlikely event a manuscript receives multiple acceptances, one can always decline the contract/edits/whatever. I'm not sure, but doubt literary agents sub sequentially. How would they get bidding wars? Anyone have any thoughts or experience (from either side) with this?


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I figure you'll get some detractors here shortly, but I just wanted to throw my vote your way on this one. This is exactly what I do, and have zero problems with it. Publishers love to have their cake and eat it too. While you sit at home for six months waiting to know if that single submission was even read.

And BTW, I have spoken to publisher friends who swear it's a soft rule anyway. They know we do this.
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i always ignore the "no simultaneous submissions" rule. i find it unreasonable and ridiculous because publishers sometimes
take months to even respond. you follow that stupid rule? a story or book could take a decade to get accepted. lol. no way
am i following that rule.


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I might have a "problem". I submitted two different stories. One is being considered in an elite publication. It has over 85 days in the slush pile. My worry is that I used the same technology in the story. But it has different characters and plot. Should I withdraw my submission from the other two publications that have the story that uses the same technology? What should I do and say? Does anyone have a sample letter? One accepts simultaneous submissions and might reply soon. The elite one does not. Then the other does not accept simultaneous submissions which is an anthology and the elite one doesn't accept simultaneous submissions. Does a contract specify that the content in a story state it must be 100% original? I would be thankful if someone offered constructive advice. I don't know what to do. I want to obviously be published in the elite one if accepted. Does what I say sound like a reasonable solution? Thanks for the patience. I asked a lot of questions.
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