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Show us your writing work area (1 Viewer)


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I've heard that some writers (probably young) write novels on their phones, which seems both incredible and impossible to me... but never mind. I have an office at home, and write there.

I thought it would be fun to show our work areas; here's mine.

Let's see yours.


Work Space.jpg

My very small cluttery space.


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Yep, that's my Lazy-Boy in our den. Programming, server management, and writing all happens there. Nowadays when I'm writing you'll find Scrivener on the All-in-one on the right, and spreadsheets or research info on the left monitor. The poor chair is worn out, thus the cover. The paint-speckled shoes are out of place. They should be under the shoe stand at the back door. The little screen you see back left is a little notebook I run my DNLA server off of. Right now it's serving a Dean Martin album (A Winter Romance) to the TV which sends it to the receiver for the sound system. A Kindle DX sits under the All-in-one. I'm currently giving the proofed copy of my latest its last read through. The desk is a custom job I paid a friend to build for me. It's two tiered on the top with a shelf underneath and a roll-out for the All-in-one to sit on. An old Linksys installation CD serves as a coaster ... for now. And yes, I've neglected to put away the Christmas Bear. The remains of a Friday evening brandy sits flanked by the mouse, the TV remote and the Firecube remote. Pretend the tangle of cords isn't there. That's a mirage. (They're the data and charging cords for various portable devices).

I do have a dedicated office upstairs, and it looks much less cluttered, because I just don't use it that much. :)


do you know the pixel dimensions for what we can post.
I'm not sure exactly I just know that some pics I have to resize down once or twice to get them to work. I think a former version of WF had the required sizing for pics somewhere but if it's on here I don't know where to find it now.
And yes, I've neglected to put away the Christmas Bear.
My Christmas tree is still up. What? February is dark in Pittsburgh.


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Vranger rose from the medi-chair of terror. Another night frightening children at club Tik Tok had been most satisfying. He staggered away from screens, embraced Pappa Doc, the teddybear, his stalwart companion these last five centuries.