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Should I cut this scene or leave it in? (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I'm writing a screenplay, and it's a crime thriller and for the climax, the villains are all in the same place at the same time, and the police and SWAT bust in to arrest them. Now I can either have SWAT and police bust in to arrest them as more of a surprise, or I have this prior scene where the police go around to building owners asking them if they could use their buildings to place their snipers in, in case the bust goes wrong, and show how that procedure is done more so, which I thought may be interesting, or maybe it cut the tension a little since you have less of a surprise bust? Or maybe the bust is better if show the set up more?

What do you think? I just keep changing my mind on if this scene should be cut. Thank you for any advice on it! I really appreciate it!


Senior Member
I would say it's probably fine as-is. Showing the set up to the bust is most interesting if something goes wrong. If it all goes to plan, it's less engaging to spell out all the details beforehand.

The general advice I've heard for stuff like this is, if the reader knows what the 'heroes' are planning before it happens, then something should go wong to keep the reader's interest. Otherwise, even if the reader knows a bust is coming, as long as they don't know the details, watching it all unfold can be very entertaining.