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short script for comic (1 Viewer)



hi, im a graffiti artist from the uk, ive been writing graffiti for over a decade now, throughout my life ive had a love of comics, for the last 5 years i have been dabbling more and more heavily in illustration. ive tried again and again since i was a kid to write a story for a comic with out much success, its frustrating because i dont have an inactive imagination :( so basically ive been searching the internet to find someone who has a passion for writing that could maybe come up with a short script for me to turn into a sequential. My artwork is relativly wacky and not really to serious, so really im looking for someone with a similer sence of humour which lies somewhere around the area of terry pratchett and simon pegg. im also a big fan of underground hip hop but i think maybe im asking to much to find a writer with all these qualities in common lol. basically for the time being i would be happy with rendering something quite short so it need only be a few pages. so if anyones interested that would be great and let me know. here are a few examples of my work.




so as you can see its more a kind of underground comic style so maybe i suppose im interested in writing to fit that style think crumb maybe but not quite that of the wall maybe a little drier. thanks anyway look forward to seeing if anyones interested.


Senior Member
interesting [if icky!] artwork... the leaky mummy especially quease-making only minutes after enjoying a nice breakfast! ;-)

good luck with your project...

love and shaky hugs, maia

Linton Robinson

Senior Member
I think you're ready for Spike&Mike's Sick&Twisted, all right.

So what happens after the mummy and the Biafran guys and the hotdog? :)