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Shooting the guns!! (1 Viewer)

The Blue Pencil

Senior Member
I'm a member of a shooting sports club, and last week I was invited to Precision Shooting! I was so thrilled and honored. When I went to try out I didn't think I shot very well but the instructors seemed to disagree. Precision is a lot more interesting than sporting. I wear a straight jacket like shooting jacket, a huge sling, and all the guns used there are completely adjustable and cost over $600 dollars.
Also in this weeks news, I went to see Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader yesterday. I'd only recommend watching it if you're a Narnia fan (which I'm not), because the 3D had no more purpose than a label used to get more views. There were absolutely NO "3D moments". The entire time I was waiting for something to pop out but it never happened. Not to mention, the plot was blaze`What a disappointment and waste of 2 good dollars.
Tomorrow I'll be going to an ice skating get together. Hopefully it will be fun but I barely know anyone there... :(
I'm going to go put on my fuzzy reindeer jammies now. Goodnight!:salut:


Senior Member
I was a sniper in the military. I got the job because of how well I shot. It was just a job to me. I've come to find out there's this whole cult thing about shooting-people who are into the very minutia of every little detail of shooting. I don't understand their obsessing. I haven't even been to a range in 15 years because of those kind of people. They took the fun out of it.

As for Narnia-I saw Dawn Treader. IMHO, it didn't begin to measure up to the other two movies. It looked like they were just tying up loose ends. With that said, though, I watch movies in 2D. For me, a movie should stand on it's writer merits and forget the wizz bang visual effects.