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Shoe Guru (1 Viewer)


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Shoe Guru

I know a store with slews of shoes
a store that sells to kangaroos

The owner self described avant-garde
regards his kicks as works of art

He has a knack for unusual shoes
an eye for feet bending the rules

Species came from around the world
heard he made sandals for a mynah bird

Created a pair for a cockatoo
a strapless flat in peacock blue

Families of geese and moose replied
giraffes’ tall order picked up curbside

Black patent leather knee high
criss cross lace to impress the ewes

Who purchased a sling back kitten heel
for an upcoming party gender reveal

Sir Rhino called in a pair for his cruise
black and white Oxfords the size of canoes

Then one day on the third of May
a crocodile strolled in and was heard to say

My feet hurt, your shoes don’t fit
the owner knew with a sigh
they were counterfeit

My dear Mrs. Croc these are not from my shop
try these waterproof clogs with the holes on top

Oh, how she loved her most comfortable shoes
like walking on sponge every toe rescued

The owner smiled and began to work
on a little project with a great big perk

Windfall endeavor near the end of the year
winter proof boots for nine special reindeer
2021 Dominique Galiano
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This poem was a BLAST to read, Tuesday ;) I love the crrrrazzzy imagery and I love that you unchained your creativity and let her rip! Hopefully there will be more....