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Shelley Contemplating Mary (1 Viewer)

Shelley Contemplating Mary.

In cautiousness that gently tries to seek
new satisfaction with an aging Greek,
she’s called to notice when pragmatic mind
starts weighing pros & cons of giving in
& wonders if it’s likely she will find
some haven, finally, where she can win.
It makes no diff’rence; loving sweeps us on,
despite the fact her reason drags along.
I could adopt this woman for her skin
that speaks of warmth that she is loathe to say,
although I wonder at the state I’m in
& if she’ll want me on some other day.
It makes no diff’rence; loving sweeps us on
to love’s conclusion, whether right or wrong.

[This is one of 257 sonnets from Essence, as yet unpublished. It uses personae to explore my life by exploring theirs. The idea is to establish points of correspondence with the reader through shared affects. Thanks to Pamela Castro for prodding me to enter it in a competition.]
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Pamelyn Casto

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I will ignore the fact that you misspelled *both" my first and my last name, James.:-D As you know, writers have little besides their names! I'm delighted that you entered that contest. At last, someone who took my advice!:-D


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I like it also - but can't see how you might enunciate 'cautiousness' at the prize-giving.