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Synopsis: A man is empowered by an Angel in order to defeat a demon invasion on Earth.


They seemed to cower at his words, he hand flaring a brilliant white. As the demons raised their hands to cover their eyes, Lorian reached into his satchel on his belt, pulled out a small vial and drank the contents.

Lorian moved with such speed that before any of the demons could react, he struck the Rector across the face with such force that his face instantly cracked as he flew into the side of the cavern, hitting the rocks with a sickening thud.

Without hesitation, Lorian spun on his left foot and sprang at three remaining; before they could even turn their heads Lorian had removed them. His sword dripped with blood.

Lorian stood tall among the bodies, his right hand a dim glow, holding his bloody sword, he was a sight to behold and the girl was scared.

Lori turned and looked at the girl, searching her face for any signs of possession. She had none.


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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Title: TBD


Luana West is set to become a full witch on her 18th birthday. She has begun to grasp flashes of the magical powers she will possess. This all changes in an instant when she is attacked by a Rogue, a werewolf who has lost their mind and given into the beast.

Luana West ends up with Lycanthropy, the curse of the Werewolf. She needs to find a cure before the next full moon when the curse fully takes hold and loses her magic power. Shunned by some of her peers and considered an "Omega" among the wolves. One of the few people who comes to her aid is a mysterious vampire named Tristan Price.


It'd been warm for a Wisconsin spring. The few beach go-ers had had braved the icy waters of Spirit Lake had long gone home and everything felt so peaceful. As soon as the sun disappeared behind the horizon a gentle but cool breeze rustled the leaves of the surrounding woods. I began to regret the crochet top.
"Come over here."
Kyle hopped up and grabbed a duffel bag he'd brought with him. I'd been meaning to ask what was in it. He went through a few trees to the other side of the bluffs. I followed closely with excited anticipation. What I saw took me by surprise. A massive rock about the size of a Volvo was perched at a highpoint with a perfect view overlooking the lake.
"See?" One of Kyle's arms was outstretched toward the rock, obviously proud of his accomplishment.
"Now how did that get there?" A flirtatious smile grew across my lips.
I giggled. Kyle's powers were growing, I could sense it, but I doubted he was strong enough to move the rock by himself.
I took his hand and he led me to the front of the rock where he set down his duffel bag. The temperature hadn't gotten any better over here. I crossed my arms to keep whatever warmth I could from escaping the crochet. I saw him pull out a blanket and pillows and immediately, I rolled my eyes. If he thought we were going to do it out here, he was sadly mistaken.
"Just what exactly are you planning?" I said dryly.
Like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar he froze. Caught. He looked up at me. Blushing.
"I- uh- figured we'd cuddle here- watch the stars and lake," he stammered.
"Uh-huh," a smile pursed my lips.
He tried to coolly collect himself. He propped the pillow against the rock and sat down, leaning against it.
"Yeah, you gunna join me?"
He stretched his hand out, beckoning me to sit. My smile grew awkwardly wide. I sat between his legs and leaned against his chest, he was my pillow.
It was well past 8 o'clock by now but I didn't care. All I would have to do is sneak back into the house and tell mom I was there the entire time. She was always working in her spell book anyways. All I would need to do is convince my little brother Mark that we were playing Halo. Twenty bucks would be easier than disguising an enchantment spell from mom.
A startling snap in the woods behind us ripped me from my planning.
"What was that?"
"Nothing, just an animal."
Our hands were crossed and interlaced. Kyle begin to massage my hands with his thumbs and I noticed how tense they had gotten from the noise. His touch had an immediate calming effect.
I nuzzled the back of my head deeper into his chest and let out an expressive sigh. I could feel his excitement grow. He leaned over and stole a kiss with just a bit of tongue. My face flushed and I could feel my body temp quickly rise. Then in one swift move I was on my back and he was over me like a predator pouncing on prey, and like the predator, he went straight for my neck.
"Wait, I don't want to have sex," I breathily whispered in protest.
I could feel an attempt to mutter a response but heard none. His hand slowly massaged my thigh as his lips slowly continued upward toward my ear. A few moments later plus a little nibble on my ear and I was too far gone to stage another protest. His hand had shifted from my thigh and was now under my shirt where his other hand joined. Before I knew it, my shirt was laying on the ground and our lips locked once again.
Kyle stopped and sat up just a little.
"What?" I inquired, he looked deep into my eyes.
"You're so-"
Another loud snap cut him off and sent me flying towards my shirt, we weren't alone.

David C.

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Excerpt of Untitled Novel for NaNo

Here's excerpt of my untitled novel for NaNo 2012. I just pecked out 475 words so far this morning. This is the first three paragraphs.

Killing your ex-wife is no easy task.

But then, neither is excising a demon spirit. Especially when said demon spirit is doing everything it can to prevent the demise of said ex-wife, and its expulsion from my body.

I tried. I tried damn hard to kill her. There just weren't any bullets left in the old gun to finish the job. It also didn't help matters that this malevolent bastard of a spirit kept healing her.
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Genre: Apocalypse, Mystery thing
Title: Mantra of the Moron

So it's about the end of the world due to unexplained circumstances. I was thinking about throwing global warming or something in there but I don't have the knowledge to really write that properly. So let's just say the atmosphere is about to die, and people are going to choke everywhere. So the setup is that the public is told about the end of the world and people start acting crazy and do random crap. So then we come across a young couple (still unnamed, because I am so organized), who are just trying to enjoy there last days together, but the girlfriend gets kidnapped. Now it becomes a find her/find the bad guy story, I guess mystery or thriller is the right term here. And we observe how the hero becomes more and more violent as it gets closer to the end of the world.

This sounds shit I know, but I couldn't think of anything else at the time. I have since have come up with another idea but I feel it's too precious to be slugged out in 30 days

Please excuse the crappy grammar above, as I had about 3hrs sleep last night at work. Fun times