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Share the joy: what's your writing success today? (1 Viewer)


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Put the finishing touches on a fanfiction piece (The Wizard, Black Sabbath song) and posted on the Workshop.

That was a fun, and tricky, story to write. I've never tried incorporating other people's words into a story.

Now, I'm going to see if I can get the band to post it on their fan page :)


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Last night I had a strange dream.
When I woke up, I thought about this absurd dream.
I got up because I had nowhere to write.
This crazy dream gave me an idea for a story.
I think I have written the longest synopsis of my life.
This morning, copying the written notes, I counted the words.
Synthesis is not my gift.


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Over the last couple of days I've started back in on my fairy tale, which is a bit sooner than I expected to. I've knocked out three chapters, which is not as demanding as my novels, since I'm only writing about 1000 words per chapter on this ... aiming for about a 20k novella. It's a bit tougher to get words in here, since my MC is a mouse, and he doesn't speak. I typically eat a lot of words in dialogue. However, he's learning language, so I may have him overhear specific human dialogue in upcoming chapters.

It will be nice to finish this project, as it's the last of the three projects which were once all hanging around at the same time, uncompleted.


With index cards made for the stepping-stones of the novel I want to launch I expected to do some more work on that today. Instead I found myself hurtling through almost an hour of writing/brainstorming on a different subject that I had scribbled down on a random sheet of paper. It's a concept that I keep coming back to but am still not ready to launch and write dedicatedly...there's some complexity to it. It's one of those conversations with myself that will go on from year to year as I learn more about brain-science (hopefully) and then once I can feel like "Of course the story happens this way" I'll be able to write it.

I have several short stories and flash fics that I should polish and send out.

But the big progress was to just sit here for a few turns of the hourglass to write like my head was on fire and feel like my brain was exploding with ideas. That's a very good thing.


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Thanks to indianroads for not listening to my excuses and kicking my butt, I wrote 750 words on the novel today.

I thought I saw another post where someone called indianroads, ‘Indiana Jones.’ Now every time he motivates me, I hear that theme song…



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predawn flesh out.
that will be my take-a-break-go-to today.
next step, what can be cut?
reorganize as needed.
may have it finished before dinner time.
if so, i will celebrate with a new experience.
was gifted a four pack of a new "healthy" ginger ale.
one is chilling now.


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Another day, another (short) chapter. Right in the middle of the chapter I decided on a major plot deviation that makes a lot more sense and led to a humorous conversation between my MC (a mouse) and the little girl who feeds and protects him. It's sort of a conversation. The mouse obviously can't talk, but the girl can sense what he's thinking and she talks. The humorous thing is the mouse never really understands what the girl is getting at. She's trying to teach him about counting, then strays into multiplication and blows his little mind, so he goes to sleep.


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I spent Sunday looking for information for one of the protagonists of my book.
It was very interesting what I found.
Today we start writing again.


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Can I share my writing dilemma instead? I'm now 8500 words into this 20K novella, having started chapter nine of probably twenty, and I'm having a big think over whether to hit the gas on this story. By hit the gas, I mean the bad guys show up and a literal battle of cat and mouse begins. (The hero is a mouse and he'll be making an unlikely ally of his consistent enemy, the cat, to foil the bad guys). So what I have to decide is if I have enough material there to carry half the book, or if I need more lead up ... and if I need more lead up ... what material would that be to add substance before I hit the gas?

It's a crucial decision. When the bad guys show up the tone of the book will pivot abruptly. I could go ahead and hit the gas, then if I come up short, I'd be thinking about going back and inserting scenes, but I rarely do that. I try to pace the story correctly as I write it.


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Busy day.
I edited 4 chapters today, leaving 6 to go.
Gave input to a woman I’m helping to develop a self defense class for women in domestic violence situations.
Talked to my martial art teacher, Grand Master Aleem.
And took my wife to dinner at out favorite Mexican restaurant.

Oh, and we had out house furnace replaced.

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