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Shakespeare (2 Viewers)


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I would just like to give props to W.S.

In having written some sonnets, I have to say - the guy must have been writing nonstop, day in and out his whole life, to produce the volumes of work he did. And in such a style!


Ilan Bouchard

Seriously though, the man was genius. His sonnets were written over the course of his lifetime, so actually there aren't that many, but being able to write such plays in such periods of time is amazing.


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Well, he was constantly revising his plays as he went along. And some theorize that they were being revised well after his death until they were finally written down on something more permanent. Still, he was definitely a genius, even if his plays were only half as brilliant as he wrote them.

Ilan Bouchard

At that time the plays were performed, the audience members often interjected with the characters' monologues and speeches, so much of the plays involved ad-lib and improvisation. So the plays often strayed from or paraphrased the scripts, so I don't know how much it actually mattered (at the time, at least).


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dont even get me started on willy. for the next week im comparing galleys from a new edition of troilus and cressida to its first quarto edition. my eyes bleed.

David Siudzinski

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Shakespere IS a genius. Look at any of his plays and not only do you see compelling stories which we can relate to today, but you'll also see a greater overarching theme for each story (i.e.-Macbeth-the Fantastical world of witches and goblins, The Merchant of Venice-man's greed).

He's definatley worth reading.


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I can officially call my self a Shakespeare fan (hence the nickname). I've read at least 10 plays, been in one (love's labours lost), and I own (and never take off) a bracelet with sonnet 116 on it.

The bard is a genius. His comedy, his plots, his wonderful dialogue.... *sighs in wonder*

Anyone who disrespects the bard deserves an Elizabethan punishment, if you ask me. Until you have a full and complete understanding of something, don't judge it negatively. Unless it's cauliflower. In that case, judge away.


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Anyone who has a refrence to shakespeare in their title deserves to be idolized. And a Bard avatar? [-o< *worships* (By the way, are you really a lucid dreamer, as your profile suggusts? 'cause I am.)

So, what's everyone's favorite play?

I'm pretty keen on Much Ado, myself. Although, I still love Love's Labours Lost, having seen/heard/read/rehearsed it so freaking many times. It's a classic.


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Don't worry about it. Not everyone's as nerdilicous as me. Not everyone's trying to get a Shakespeare club started up at their school. Not everyone takes classes with the Atlanta Shakepeare Festival.

Only supernerds like me!

Which ones have ya read?

Ilan Bouchard

So, what's everyone's favorite play?
I'm quite a fan of Othello. I love and relate to every character and it's full of clever wordplay. And it's one of Shakespeare's few plays that actually has a semi-believable plot.


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Ah. That's one of the one's I haven't read yet.

I do know the Reduced Shakespeare Company's version, though.

(If you aren't familiar with the RSC, you're missing out. I suggust you google them.)

Here's the story of a brother named of Othello
(He likes white women and he likes green Jell-O)
And a punk named Iago who made himself a menace
cause he didn't like Othello, the Moor of Venice.
Now Othello got married to Desdemona.
But he went off to the wars and he left her alona.
It was a mona--
A groana--
He left her alona.
He didn't write a letter and didn't telefona.
Othello loved Desi like Adonis loved Venus.
And Desi loved Othello --
'Cuz he had a big ....sword.
Now, Desdemona she was faithful, she was chastity-tight.
She was the daughter of the Duke. Yeah, she was totally white.
But Iago had a plan that was crafty and slick.
he was clever.
He was sly.
He was sort of a dick.
He said, 'I'm gonna shaft the Moor.'
(How're you gonna do it? Tell us.)
'Well, I know his tragic flaw is that he's too damn jealous.
I need a dupe, I need a dope, I need a kind of a schmo.'
So he found a chump sucka by the name of Cassio
and he plants on him Desdemona's handkerchief.
So Othello starts to wondering just maybe if
while he's been out fighting, Commanding an army
are Desi and Cass playing hide the salami?
So he come back home and stuck a pillow on her face.
Kills her and soliloquizes 'bout his disgrace.
But there's Amelia at the door
who we met in Act IV.
Who say, "You big dummy. She weren't no whore.
She was pure, clean, virginal too.
So why'd you have to go and make her face turn blue?
It's true.
It's you.
Now what you gonna do?"
And Othello says, yo, this is getting pretty scary.
So he pulled out his blade and committed hari-kari.
Iago got caught but he probably copped a plea.
Loaded up his bags
And moved to Beverly.
Hills, that is.


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As much as I appreciate and enjoy Shakespeare, I've got to admit that twelfth grade English sucked all the fun out of The Tempest for me. I could probably tell you everything about it, including all of the levels that Shakespeare wrote it on, how he utilized language in order to express his message, and how the play served as Shakespeare's farewell note to the stage, but considering how much we analyzed this play I can't stand it anymore.


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i so wish i had know about them last year, i probably could have convinced my english teacher to buy the dvd of one of their preformances (or a trip to one lol)


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They are absofreakinglutely hilarious. I've got the dvd and the script. My best friend and I rap othello for random passersby.

Mike C

WF Veterans
MrTamborineMan said:
considering how much we analyzed this play I can't stand it anymore.

That's the sad thing about shakespeare in schools. He never wrote to be analysed, he wrote to be enjoyed. Over-analysis can suck the joy out of anything. Imagine reducing sex down to a series of mechanical and biological actions.