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Shadows Gather... (1 Viewer)


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A dark mist swirls underfoot, and a hooded figure steps forward.

Hello, WF, it has been awhile.

A long time ago I joined this site to share my writing with random strangers on the internet in hopes of meeting like-minded individuals disconnected from my personal circle. My two main goals were that of unfiltered critiques and possible friendships. After spending some time sifting through my old messages and threads, I realized that I had accomplished both of those tasks.

But, then I disappeared. The majority of the friends I had made have also slowly disappeared over the years, it appears.

I have returned with a renewed passion. One cannot hope to achieve his or her pursuits without any actual pursuance. To my fallen comrades and those who still remain, I apologize for my disappearance. To everyone else, I hope to join you in our love for our craft.

That's all, I guess. Thanks for having me... again. :)


Well hey there stranger! Seems like lots of folks are coming back to the ol' green monster lately. (I'm one of them, myself.) Glad to see you back!