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Sex in my book. (1 Viewer)


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Yeah we know it does (sex sells) but it seems that PG-13 works just as well.

The fact is that sexual activity is part of my daily life but I am quite sure that I would not discuss it in great detail in a discription of my daily activities.

For example one of my character's wife leaves him, he wakes up the next morning with a new girl in bed with him. I do not discuss, what they did in bed but I do beleive that my readers can figure that out for them selves.

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Yeah I think "sex sells" can mean a lot more than graphic descriptions of the mechanics of what is happening. That is rarely necessary and I don't actually find it arousing at all...the sexual tension between characters is what is arousing and what would sell me (and probably a lot of others) on a story.


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Don't include sex for the sake of sex unless that's the entire point of the novel. In my most recent work, there was one sex scene, and it lasted for half of a page. I made it clear that the sex took place, that it was pleasurable and consentual, and unprotected - only because the pregnancy that resulted from it was a major plot point. There are a million ways to do it. You can do it explicitly (He traced his finger around the concave indent of the small of her back, letting it trail down her buttocks) or implicitly (and so, as her fears melted away and two became one, trouble was just beginning to stir on the horizon). Sex is just a part of writing, just as it is a part of life. All this obsession and embarassment over it is just a relic from victorian England, and I say it's time we got over it.
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I find that sex usually puts the brakes on the action, and is often included more for the author's stimulation than the readers edification. The knowledge that two characters slept together is usually sufficient to move the plot forward.

That being said, a certain amount of PG-rated eroticism can be very revealing of character, or of the relationship between characters. Is it playful or cold? Equal or is one partner dominant? Anything beyond that, and you better have a good reason for including it. Frankly, it's what we do when we're not having sex that separates us humans from other species and makes us worth telling stories about.

In my first published work, my main character is gay. This meant I couldn't go into much detail without plunging into virgin territory (pun intended). But I was able to establish, without being either explicit or oblique, that the character did indeed have a sex life.


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What about humor?

I love Janet Evanovich and she makes sex funny. All of my friends love her and we share her books among ourselves and others. She cracks me up. She has a way of saying things that I thought would be impolite in public but somehow she adds a charm that makes it ok. Now, if I recall there has been only one scene that I read and I have read many of her books that was a bit too explicit for me. To me it crossed over from funny to cold erotica.

Also, while I don't remember much of the details there was one scene in one of John Dunning's books -- Booked to Die or the next one, where when he described the main character's reaction, it was very funny in a surprising way. He doesn't go into details, somehow the character ended up in this situation and boom! Dunning's sense of humor is quite different than Evanovich's.

Also, Robert Parker, he wears me out with all of the women that throw themselves at his hero. While he is not explicit, he makes it clear and at some point for me it is a nuisance but I suspect his male readership loves it. Don't get me wrong I like Parker, may he rest in peace.

I do like it when the writer leaves something to my imagination and doesn't spell out every step. But, I don't read hard core porn, not sure about soft porn, does Evanovich fall into that category? I do not like violent sex. I will avoid it all costs.

Sex has universal appeal. I do think you need to consider your audience. Hard core, soft core or just a suggestion.


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In my WIP I have several rape scenes. These are not intended for eroticism but are crucial for the story. It involves a very young girl and I have found it tremendously difficult to write for two reasons. 1. I do not want to turn anyone on or fan someones weird rape fetish 2. I don't want to offend the reader. I have reworked the scenes many times, trying to "clean" it up or make it less harsh, but it has been difficult since rape is the reoccurring theme in the book and it really is a metaphor for the a much bigger brush stroke...which is that sometimes something is taken from us, robbed from us, that can never be given back and it doesn't take years to heal it takes generations. In real life it doesn't have to be our physical selves, it can be anything that stops us from becoming who we are meant to be, in my book it is my characters rape that stops her. Sex is such a difficult thing to write about, I do have loving sex scenes in the story but they are VERY pg-13..if even that. I am not writing an erotic novel so it is just gratuitous to do that. I personally think if it belongs in the story it will fit..if it doesn't it won't and it will seem as though your story collided with an adult book store.


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I have never explicity written a sex scene for my story. But I did imply one a while back. Unless it is necessary for the story, the sex need not be explicit.

In hollywood the sex in films is never usually necessary. There is only one film I have seen where I thought the sex scene was vital for the story - The Terminator.


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Adult romance usually always has detailed sex scenes in it. If its a lot of sex scenes and more dirty it becomes erotic romance. If it has a lot of romance but no detailed sex scenes its usually geared towards young adult... Take twilight for instance. If its not specifically a romance novel then I wouldn't give to much detail into the sex scene just imply that they have sex... Sometimes horror novels also have sex in them. Ever read anything by Bentley Little? bahahahaha hes awesomely sick minded.

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