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September 2021 Winner's Thread (1 Viewer)


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Winners Podium of the September Poetry Challenge

Welcome one and all to another Winners circle. Another decent turnout but each one it’s one less than the other. Let’s hope that the numbers stay at a decent turn. Enough of this small talk let’s get on with the topic at hand.

I want to thank Apple for her prompt “NO” an unusual and innovative one. Lots of interesting takes of the no of it all.

All the poets did a good job at adding an interesting perspective to the word NO! Let’s hit the applause button to our talented group of poets. All the poems had their stellar points but two were outstanding lights. The winner of this event is one of the giants of WF who has always produced quality poetry. His poem “No Strings Attached” was one powerful message piece, truly outstanding. I Know we only mention the 1st place spot but this second piece was purely delightful and came in a close second. I’m speaking of “No Fuss No Muss” by the wonderful poet TuesdayEve. A hug, a kiss on the cheek and a handshake goes to you my lovely.

Phil Iistine will receive the ‘Laureate’ and will pick the prompt for the real October Challenge. Please message me that a.s.a.p. I’m sure your prompt will be ghastly and ghostly. No Pressure😊

Phil Istine’s poem gave voice to all the oppressed and abused woman done by the hand of the ignorant and brutal men that still inhabit this world. Many women are still treated like lapdogs but many are no longer purring back in contentment. They ‘re no longer defanged but many are still facing those chains. Excellent job in conveying this in a poem

This was an anonymous month and like the LM the poets will be revealed in the Bard’s Bistros or Bard Bistros’s Secure. I know this was not done in this challenge in the past but remaining anonymous after the winner is announced is not viable. The anonymous challenge is for those poets who feel intimidated by the more experienced poets and by being anonymous gives them that extra boost of confidence, and on the other end the experienced poet wants to be remain anonymous as not to make it a popularity contest. If a poet wants to remain anonymous to avoid any criticism or embarrassment about having few votes than that poet needs to get a harder skin. Why write poems at all if you don’t want to own your work.

I thank you all for submitting your work, not a bad one in the batch—see you in October…
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Phil Istine

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It's not false modesty to say I am genuinely surprised my poem received the most votes as I think the second-placed poem No Fuss, No Muss is better, and possibly several others too.

I felt that portraying an abused and controlled woman as a marionette seemed appropriate, albeit a little cliched, and wondered if I adequately showed the procrastination involved in such situations with "...kicked her can-can farther down the road..."

I think "No" was an excellent prompt as it allowed so much variety.

Thank you to all participants, whoever you may be :)


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Congratulations to Phil and Tuesday. Great poems and deserved 1st and 2nd. I thought there were some other really good poems that I voted for too. Good work all round. Congrats to all the participants. Cheers PG


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Great job, Phil, you got my vote - and thanks ,Bob for your comments. Right now I feel lucky just tp compose a poem, just finished cataract surgery and none of my old glasses work anymore and I have vision and memory issues (and this should encourage our younger members to persevere though adversity). I'm making do with large fonts and reading glasses.


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Congratulations Phil. I loved your poem. It was my first vote. "kicked her can-can further down the road" was a fantastic line. I felt the marionet (woman) slyly loosening the strings from her puppet master, like Pinocchio's desire to be a real boy, hers for escape to become a real girl. 🥰 Very nice work.