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Sept. 30 (1 Viewer)

Homecoming was last night, and what a night. What a gorgeous insane little piece of gold it was. I haven’t been drinking much – not since I downed nine beers in an hour at a soccer party I hopped onto with Adrian two weeks ago – so I really wanted to be belligerently drunk this weekend. I spent yesterday casually drinking during the day – three or four beers with adrian and then max and ben – and then I went to the dance.

Dances are such an interesting little window into our hangups as kids-turning-adults. We do this dry-fucking thing quaintly referred to as “grinding” where the girl rubs her ass (no other way to describe it) up and down the boy’s dick, presumably to what end… ? It could be that it’s just an indication that we all want to fuck really badly, but no, it’s actually just such a normal part of modern teenage dance that, well… the nicest girls can be the filthiest dancers. Toss in some alcohol to the mix and you basically get clothed fucking on the gymnasium floor.

It’s not to say I don’t do it – I do. And it’s not to say it doesn’t feel good – cause it does. It’s just, funny I guess, a funny thing to see.

So I danced with Ally a few times, kay shart and alexy and then I got sick of the bumping music and awkward lights and the sweat and generally awful assault on my ears so I left with Parks and his lovely companion – a large bottle of Svedka.

We headed down to Adrian’s, whose mom was out for the night, and when we arrived I took some shots with Steve – who was already far far gone – and then Parks and I mixed up some vodka and milk – there was no juice – and we decided to relax and drink and smoke cigarettes. The conversation ranged from blowjobs (which I’m sure about two of us have had) to Ethan’s intimate relations with Micah, who he referred to in an interesting way.

I had two glasses of the svedka milk and then parks and ethan decided they had to leave for some woods party that a little sophomore fuckup named seb was having and so they left and I had to settle for drinking beer. Well, thank god for that, cause Jamie left a wonderful unwitting contribution to our little fest – an 18-pack he hadn’t bothered to pick up after the dance. So I ploughed into that and had a couple.

Then we journeyed to the river and saw some people just sprung from the bad headtrip dance and we shot it and by and by they decided to go to Katie Mc’s cause she was having some invite only party. Jord showed up then and we drove back to adrian’s and had some more beers. By now, feeling pretty soused and maybe just a tiny bit sleepy, Adrian Jord Max Ben and myself are hanging out when a knock comes at the door and who the fuck is it but the juniors! Adrian and jord’s little soccer buddies looking for a place to hang. So we organize it so that they can chill for the night, and by we I mean Adrian cause it was his house and everything, but we make it our new inebriated mission to find the younguns some beer. So Adrian and I stumble up to his Dad’s all drunk and reeling to get some food and check in. We both conclude logically that whoever said that the munchies didn’t extend to drunk people too was an ignorant fathead and then proceed to demolish the contents of his fridge.

About a half hour later and many pounds fuller we exit out the back door, piss off of the stone backstep in an arc of lovely white all over the gray stone – staining it a darker shade than even the night itself, in the process creating a small lake of salty urine – and begin our descent to Coastal where we find both our group waiting. The soccer kids, ben and max, and a whole group of kids from Seb’s – slinky, parkin, alishia, sunny, keith are the ones I remember – are waiting. Seb’s got broken up by cops they said, and we had a good laugh about that, cause we were the ones saying no one should go in the first place. So after being unable to persuade anyone to drive us to Katie’s, where we were getting beer for the junior children, Adrian and I set off down the long 9-D hill from the intersection. The time was approximately 1:45 in the bitter morning, and we had our drunken glib selves to conversate and a classy Backwoods cigar to pass back and forth.

By and by, we reach the Hopper house and decide to cut through its woods to katie’s backyard. So we do, and appear out of nowhere into the staggering carnival of lights and soused voices that was Katie’s party. About the first person we run into is Katie herself, halfway towards passing out in Shieldsy’s arms and I give her a massive hug and then talk to shieldsy for what feels like the first time in my life and we agree on our mutual appreciation of eachother’s respective art forms – her basketball and my singing. Then we are inside and I am promptly seperated from Adrian, and I find a large bottle of amber liquid in my grasp and I start to take shots with matty p, who begs off after the second bless his heart.

Then I talk to Soph for a few minutes after winding my way through a mess of hugs and sloppy girls and guys and I start rattling off some lovely spanish with her. We chat and agree that I am in fact quite drunk and then I run into Forrest, who’s midway to being taken advantage of by Sabrina – who actually took off her shirt earlier – and he’s barely standing and crowded around by a bunch of hopeful girls waiting to sink their teeth into his movie-star skin.
Then stuff happens, and I think some people passed out and everyone freaked cause me and Adg told them what happened to Seb’s, and I thus wind up washing floors with Meghan Spratt – who’s a wonderful floorwasher by the way, cute ass bobbing up and down and cheeks blushing red and her tits basically falling out of a skimpy halter – and she’s so serious; to borrow Holden Caulfield’s mantra, it simply kills me.

Then Adrian and I get the promised beer from Jeffrey and cut out, leaving the caterwauling lunatic mess behind us to set off down a long stretch of fair street near mayor’s park – lit up by the white-blue streetlamps above the parking area.
We make it back to the Garden street house with the promised beverages and give them to the boys and then proceed to have a lovely drunk jam with a full tribal drum section and two guitars and big abrasive screaming voices. The jam winds its way through king of carrot flowers part one and everyone’s singing till their lungs are hot red and straining. I’m lying on the floor where I fell basically passing out but still keeping the groove alive in my watery hands. Then it’s Hallelujah which was seriously spiritual – Max’s head was flat on its side on the kitchen table, a beer in one hand, the other wrapped around his head singing loudly – stefan and ben hammering the djembe and a distended tom-tom, and adrian hammering away at the other guitar, and the songs winds on and on and loops around and around. After that someone calls out Where is my mind and I start the whoo-whoo in the highest managable falsetto and we launch and everyone is screaming the burning words as loud as possible and the song crashes to earth with us rolling around on the floor in half-concious stupor.

Then Adrian and I take leave and stumble up to his Dad’s for some sleep. In the morning I find out that Parks had to walk back from Seb’s cause he got stranded up there. Stupid fuck.
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Your more likely to get reader and comments if you separate your work into blocks and make the paragraphs more distinguishable. It all looks merged into one.


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'The truth and nothing but the truth'

I really liked your story. It was cute. So teenage-ish. I always wondered just what took place on my sons prom night. He left in a limosine with his girlfriend and friends and didn't come home till 7:00 the next morning. I thought he was intoxicated, but he convinced me he wasn't and promptly went to bed.

Now I know. Thank you for telling it like it is. :salut: