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Continuing my attempts at Senryu

One of the unexpected outcomes of the COVID lockdown and new restrictions aka 'new normal' was the sad realisation that I had a couple of friends who were nothing more than sappers and our friendship was one-sided. After years of supporting them the one occasion I reached out for help and needed their support I realised they were not true friends. I am trying to come to terms with with the loss of dear friends to the bottle by expressing my feelings through poetry.

drunk yet again
seeks happiness in bottle -
beware of false friends

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a very, very good senryu- it would have held more power for me without the explanation of the piece although I fully understand why you gave it. You're expressing your pain and yes betrayal of what you thought was a good friend- but you expressed that with skill in your senryu --btw you're not making attempts at senryu you are doing them-very competently I might add.
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