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Selling Ebooks at Events (1 Viewer)


Do you attend events or book fairs and sell physical copies of your books?

Have you ever wished there was a way to offer ebook editions alongside them?

Here is a possible way to do just that. It does require an initial investment, just like buying physical copies of your book does, but it is
small in comparison and you may be able to recoup a portion on unsold copies if you want.

In KDP, schedule a 99¢ promotion on your desired book and wait for it to go live.

In the Kindle Store, go to your book page when the promotion begins. Beneath the Buy Now button of your book there should be an option to Buy for Others.


Click on it, click 15+, and enter the number of copies you want (50 to 100 ideally).
Click buy and you will be delivered an individual redemption code for each copy you purchased.
You now have 50 to 100 copies of your ebook costing $50 to $100 plus any tax added.

Go to Vista Print, Staples, or anywhere you can design and print a 5.5 x 8.5 postcard. (Easy to fit a 6 x 9 cover onto.)
Design a card with your books cover on the front in color.
On the back, put your back cover text or blurb in black & white on the solid white back.
Below this put directions to redeem code on Kindle, the normal price for your ebook, and then leave the bottom empty for later steps.
(Demonstrated below with one of my premade covers I designed.)


Order 50 to 100 copies. (At Vista Print $16.48 or $32.98 with discount for Premium Paper and Glossy Front Only)

On 1" x 2 5/8" Easy Peel Address Labels template in Word, put one redemption code per label until you have them all done.
Once printed, peel the labels and stick to the back of the card over where I have Kindle Redemption Code.

The additional empty space provides a spot for you to sign to provide a signed copy if your buyer desires.

Now you can sell your ebook alongside your physical book for the price listed on the Kindle Store.
Sell it to those who prefer the digital version.
Provide it as a cheaper alternative to those hesitant because of the print version's cost (or add it for free with the print version).

Now for some crunching of numbers.
100 copies of your ebook for roughly around $200. That is $2 per copy.
Sell at $4.99 (or a $5 bill) and you're making $3 per copy.
When a code is redeemed you get 30% of the 99¢ purchase price you bought it for (around 30¢).
That brings your total earned per copy to $3.30.

Redemption codes don't expire, so you can sell remaining copies at future events. And if you don't want to do that (why wouldn't you though?), you can return any unused redemption codes for a refund.

DISCLAIMER: This is all done using the Canadian dollar. I haven't had the chance to try this yet, but I do believe it should work with no issues. I do plan to try it eventually at a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Festival and a Steampunk Festival, both of which are nearby and adds the 'local author' advantage (hopefully). If you do see or know of any potential flaws, please point them out.


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You can also buy 10 packs of 4gb USB drives for $25 (possibly less, I didn't look for long). Load a book or two on each one in mobi and epub, and sell those.

Don't worry about copy protection. The whole point there is to PROMOTE. The more copies you get out, the more potential word of mouth. It's no different than a publisher sending out hundreds of promotional DTBs, except if you're selling them in the first place you're getting paid to promote. :)