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Self-Destructive (1 Viewer)


I can't take credit for this poem the author is unknown...
Not sure where to put this so I put it here..
I found it on YouTube... Hopefully this would be a good read for y'all...


I am self destructive,
I know this to be a fact.
But is this really who I am
or is it just an act.

I am self destructive,
because I don't fight back.
As long as it's directed at me,
No one gives me flack.

Yes, I am self destructive,
in the little ways it seems.
Like saying I can do without sleep,
cause I'm happiest in my dreams.

I don't want to be self destructive,
Inside I let out a scream.
But this is who I've come to be,
it is now my life's main theme.

I hate being self destructive,
I know it hurts others too.
But thats me aiming my rage at myself,
imagine if I aimed it at you.

I guess being self destructive,
isn't that bad, it's true.
I feel I deserve all the crazy ways,
I make my soul say "boo-hoo".

So I'll go on being self destructive,
with punishment in my path.
Maybe one day I'll learn my lesson,
and be free of my own wrath.

I am self destructive,
I know this to be a fact.
And I'll destroy the person I am,
until that person cracks...