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Hi Im chris and Im from Niagara Falls Canada. Please exuse the puncuation/spelling and other gramatical errors I may make while Im here. Basically Im kinda in a flux in my life and Ive come here to sort some stuff out.

Ive always read that the best way to be a good writer is to write daily. Thats what brings me here and thats my intent. But my motive for getting off the couch and searching for a writting forum, is that I started to think about all the peolpe that the internet has turned into daily writters. The countless forums, will this lead to a generation of better writters?

I for one have ussually been very shy, as far as posting on the internet. hell Ive probably bade less than 100, and Ive been on the net since 1991. Ill save that story for another time. But point being... of those 100 posts most of them I woke up the next morning regretting or second guessing. I know thats a personal issue, but in a way thats why Im here.

I will write every day thats left in this year. And Hopefully after that I will write more.

Nice to meet you,