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Selecting a name for a political villain (1 Viewer)


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In my current work-in-progress, the visible Bad Guy (there are a few others who are more bad but less visible) is a man who killed his pregnant underage girlfriend while a graduate student at a university in Florida almost 40 years ago, went on the run, and with the help of the not-so-visible bad guy(s) established a new identity, went to law school, and now serves as a very venal and corrupt (and highly blackmailable, for those few who know his past) state senator in Utah whose handlers are grooming him for a soon-to-be-vacated U.S. Senate seat.

The story is set in the present day (plus or minus a year or two). Unlike some stories where a supporting character may be a thinly disguised variation on a well-known identifiable person, I'm creating this character out of whole cloth and he is not based upon any known public figure. I'm looking to select names, both for his original political science grad student with high ambitions for the future identity, as well as for his contrived law school/career politician identity.

I'm reminded of how when Little Shop of Horrors was written the creators selected the name 'Orrin Scrivello, D.D.S' for the scumbag dentist...they combed a directory of every dentist in the United States and none of them had a first name of 'Orrin' or a last name of 'Scrivello'. It may not be necessary to be THAT cautious here, but I'd still appreciate advice on crafting a character and identity which will not be an unexpected source of delight to someone's lawyer.

As of right now, for his original identity, I'm considering the given name of 'Francis', which he hates, and introduces himself to everyone as 'Frank'. No ideas for a last name as of yet. For his present politician identity I have no leanings one way or the other at present. Hoping that someone could chime in with ideas and/or advice.