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Seeking Screenwriter for Feature (1 Viewer)



“The Commercial Piggy Show” is a German Production Company based in Munich. Having our first international feature film in development. For that project we’re looking for a Screenwriter (best USA or Australia based. Canada, UK or New Zealand would be fine too) who can write a script based on our 40 pages treatment. Genre: Comedy, Satire, Drama. You must have the ability to create very funny scenes just by giving you a one or two sentences description each scene. But most important is that you can write very rude, nasty, satiric, though, black humour and biting dialogues like “Borat – Cultural Learnings Of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”, “Lord of War”, “Pulp Fiction” or “Fight Club”. Writing on Spec, deferred salary or guaranteed back end profits from all media (Theatrical, Home Video, TV). Please send us an e-mail to ask for more Information’s about that project and our Production Company.

Please refrain from asking questions in this forum or to send us private mails. If you have some questions please write us an e-mail to our official e-mail account, you’ll getting all answers you ask for.

Best wishes,

Ralf Hoffmann
-Human Resource-