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Seeking Playwright For Showcase Prod. 3/8 NYC - Publicity (1 Viewer)



I am producing a showcase production of a play entitled Adam's End (Confessions Of A Pedophile), performing early March in a black-box theatre setting in mid-town Manhattan.

The play involves a school teacher who is suspected of being homosexual, is assured he is protected by the school's non-sexual discrimination policy, is "outed" by a friend as being pedophile and subsequently fired. In the end he is shot by a student.

There is a documentary film being made of the project w/ probable distribution. The subject matter of the play will likely generate some publicity.

I have a very rough script for the play. I am seeking a playwright who would like to take this basic script and produce a play from it. Obviously time is very tight - I need a script to begin rehearsing on in January. I will give full creative credit to someone taking this project on.

In addition it seems likely that the lead actor in this production will get a major media interview in conjunction with the play, furthering exposure for a playwright interested in this project.

Please e-mail your interest at the add'y given (remo&alicemail.net)