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Scriptwriters for television series (1 Viewer)



I and a colleague recently decided to begin writing a televison series together and we are currently seeking staff members.​

We would like to include five other high-quality writers on our staff. As in most half-hour series, the staff will write the series collectively. Writers must participate in online conferences to discuss plots, characters, dialogue, etc. Online conferences will be scheduled on a regular basis and are flexible according to the staff’s needs. This will likely be set on a daily basis. Individual screenwriters will write drafts for an episode and contribute to other screenwriters’ drafts.

During the first few weeks, the staff will work on the series fundamentals. This will include discussing the preliminary outline, character development and plot development. The staff must produce at least once script per week. The staff will be also be provided with scriptwriting resources.

To apply, send me a message at [email protected]. Please include your name and list of writing projects that you have contributed to. You may attach a writing sample, although this is not required. Applicants must be experienced and knowledgeable in developing stories, have an excellent comprehension of the English language and be able to work well with a team. Applicants do not need to know how to format a television script. The deadline for application is Feb. 28. Thank you for your interest.


I am based in Ohio, but writers would not need to relocate. The staff will collaborate via online conferences

This will be a situation comedy.

To all those applying, I should be more specific about my intentions. My colleague and I decided to write this television series as an individual project and we are not planning to sell it. If you expect a salary, I’m afraid this is not the project for you. If you enjoy writing scripts, this is the perfect project for you!